onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Why Israel?

"Christians for Israels" hemsida  finns 7 stycken mycket upplysande korta videofilmer med titeln "Why Israel?" Den första kan du titta på här:

och de 6 andra finns här:

måndag 8 augusti 2016

Ny bok - The gatekeeper av David Muyiwa Adeola

The Gatekeeper: Bringing a Revolution and a Mind-shift to Your Personal Prayer Life and Prayer Movements in the Nations


Genesis 22:17 says that we can possess the gates of our enemies, so that the Church can influence the destiny of nations. This is not possible without first winning the battle in the spiritual realm, and because of the lack of gatekeepers, the gates of our cities and nations have slipped out of our hands. Today, we need another generation willing to step into the spiritual authority that God has purposed for the gatekeepers. In this prophetic book, David Muyiwa Adeola teaches the principles and lifestyle of a gatekeeper, so that you will be able to bring a prayer revolution into your personal life and your church, and real transformation in your environment. Gatekeepers have an apostolic mandate to wrestle back the spiritual gates of our cities and nations, so that the Church will be able fulfill the purposes of God.

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