tisdag 29 mars 2016

Tre orsaker till att vara uppmärksam på Israel

Presentation av videon från Youtube-sidan:

"Chuck Cohen är aktiv ledare för Intercessors for Israel och har ett eget nyhetsbrev. Intercessors for Israel: http://www.ifi.org.il och hans nyhetsbrev finns tillgängligt på fliken "Newsletter" till vänster, Watchmen from Jerusalem. Där kan man abonnera på email-nyhetsbrevet även på några andra språk än engelska, bl a svenska."

måndag 21 mars 2016

Källor av liv

Dagens "Lion Bite" från Glasgow Prophetic Centre:

Springs of Life

I am releasing my springs of life in the dry place. Where you sought to establish my kingdom and have dug a well in a desolate place, but have found rock instead of water and death instead of life, I am now causing my springs of life to bubble up and begin to overflow in these wells.
With my springs of life will come abundance and blessings and you will see breakthrough. My kingdom will be established in these formerly desolate places. Watch and see as my grace begins to overflow and see my glory abound more than you had ever hoped for. Blessed are you that dug deep in my name, your faithfulness shall be rewarded.

Isaiah 44:3 For I will pour out water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry place; I will pour out my spirit upon your offspring and my blessings on your descendants


Glasgow Prophetic Centre:

söndag 20 mars 2016

Sångens tid har kommit

Hälsning från Per Ivar Winnæss

"Kjære søsken i Herren!
Våkne opp til en ny vår, blomstene viser seg på jorden. Sangens tid er kommet og turtelduenes kurring høres i vårt land. Fikentreet modner sine grønne fikener, og det dufter av vintrærne som står i blomst. Stå opp og kom av sted. Kjenn viden som lokker deg ut av ditt kammer og ut av dine grotter. Reis deg (profetisk ord inspirert av 
Høy 2:12-13)
Verd å lytte til og del gjerne videoen med de du bryr deg om."

Källa, utskick från:

Höga Visan 2:12-13
12 Blommorna visar sig på marken, sångens tid har kommit, och turturduvans röst
hörs åter i vårt land.
13 Fikonträdets gröna frukter skiftar färg, vinstockarna står redan i blom, de sprider sin doft. Stå upp, min vän, min sköna,
och kom!  

Psaltaren 66:10-12
10 Du prövade oss, Gud,
 du luttrade oss
 som man luttrar silver.
 11 Du lät oss fastna i nätet,
 du lade tunga bördor på vår rygg.
 12 Du lät människor fara fram
 över vårt huvud,
 vi gick genom eld och vatten.
 Men du förde oss ut till överflöd.

onsdag 16 mars 2016

It is time!

Johnny Enlow wrote on his FB page 16th of March:

Can you feel it? Everything is changing. There is a new drum beat to march to. Can you hear it? It is a beat impossible to ignore. It is a beat of strength and resolve. It is a relentless cadence. A sound from heaven has penetrated the atmosphere and this sound is releasing kingdom order. 

It is a sound coming into confusion and chaos- and it is establishing divine priorities. This sound is causing darkness to panic. There are screams and cries and intense fear- and it is from the enemy's camp. Something is dreadfully surprising them. Their camp is in horrified confusion. 

This new beat is releasing a kingdom mood and rhythm for the newly released warrior angels. It is a beat and a sound that our spirits will now begin to better pick up on as the rest of March advances. It is now time to march to the beat of this new drum. No more time for distraction. No more time for false battle fronts. No more time for the petty stuff. It is now time to respond to heavens agenda. It is time to fall in line with the beat and the sound being released over us. It is time to march.

This is our Papa's time. It is now His show time. A great reset is taking place. This is a day of Justice arising. This is a time of Jubilee. Crooked paths will be made straight. Outrageous debts will be forgiven. Change is here to stay. Change is coming everywhere- because the time of reformation is now. It is the fourth wave and it is breaking onto us as a sound from heaven. 

What's coming will at time look like revival but it will be all about transformation. Our Papa indeed has a reformation agenda and He is calling all who are His. He is calling us out to hear His beat and to begin marching to the sound of who He is as Desire of the Nations. Can you feel Him? Can you hear Him? It is time to respond. Everything is changing.


"I have learned that transformed people transform culture." Os Hillman

måndag 7 mars 2016

Siktet framåt

Matt 18:1-5  
1 I samma stund kom lärjungarna fram till Jesus och frågade: "Vem är störst i himmelriket?" 2 Då kallade han till sig ett barn och ställde det mitt ibland dem 3 och sade: "Jag säger er sanningen: Om ni inte omvänder er och blir som barnen kommer ni inte in i himmelriket. 4 Den som ödmjukar sig som det här barnet, han är den störste i himmelriket. 5 Och den som tar emot ett sådant barn i mitt namn tar emot mig.

Fil. 3.13-14
13 Bröder, jag menar inte att jag redan har gripit det, men ett gör jag: jag glömmer det som ligger bakom och sträcker mig mot det som ligger framför 14 och jagar mot målet för att vinna segerpriset, Guds kallelse till himlen i Kristus Jesus. 

Bön för Europas huvudstäder, Operation Capital Europe

Bön för Europas huvudstäder

Nästa böneresa kommer att gå i maj till Stockholm, Mariehamn och Helsingfors
Maj 2-3: bön i Stockholm
Maj 4-5: bön i Mariehamn
Maj 6-7-bön i Helsingfors

Detaljerad information kan du hitta genom att klicka på länken här: this PDF document.


torsdag 3 mars 2016

Peter Tsukahira - Jubilee

"In November 2014, A Call to Business held their fourth conference at Ashburnham Place called It's Time. The theme of the conference was Jubilee and unpacking what "It's Time" means for us as individuals in a period where we are preparing for the coming season.

In this video, Peter Tsukahira looks at Jubilee and understanding what it means for us today."

A call to business


onsdag 2 mars 2016


Från bloggen riversofeden1:

A Clear Sound – Do You Hear Yourself Talk?

When I speak, sound moves out with the intent of coming into contact with some thing. Words travel with intent, or at least they should. Ears pick up the vibration as my words move out from within me. They’re looking for a place to land whether that is the human spirit or the deep areas of the heart. I want to speak with intent and purpose, bringing life and light to anyone within the sound of my voice. Whether that be the written word sent out via the Internet or the spoken word as I prophesy/preach/teach, words hold substance. But, the question the always confronts us is quite simple.

Is anyone listening? As the last blog post points out, sometimes our sound can’t be heard at the place where we find ourselves, whether that is a physical location or a spiritual place of transition. Let’s focus on the spiritual aspect right now.

These blog posts are for those waiting to be heard. This is not for those making a way for themselves, pushing out with repetitive prophecies that seem to be a remix of everything that has already been said, over and over and over. I am not talking to those wanting to hit center stage to make a name for themselves. I am not advocating group speak that often happens when we immerse ourselves in a network or denomination of like-minded people who all use the same tribal language.

I am talking to those who hold a deep burning passion within to speak words of life, life and truth in Christ Jesus. You know who you are. You walk in humility and grace. Learning much along the way, you’ve made lots of mistakes and even find yourselves greatly disturbed by what you see and hear around you in Christian arenas. Rather than speak out at the drop of a hat, you choose to remain silent, restrained by the hand of God. There is a deep knowing in you that your words, when spoken, have no place to land. So you wait and wait, sometimes in frustration and sometimes in submission.

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. We are in a learning curve, in training. I believe there are many ready to be released to speak out what has been entrusted to them while in the hidden places all these past years.
We shall be a people who are intentional. The words that we speak will be words of change – changing atmospheres, changing hearts. Words will go out in power and not return void, doing the work that they are created to do. Intentional words spoken in God’s timing to a people ready to hear.

But right now? Are people listening? No, not really. At least that is my take on things. Too much noise. Too much distraction. People always going to the next thing, and the next thing and the next thing, not willing to meditate and think a bit. Not willing to be silent and to wait on God to get His take on things. Many words coming forth in anger, presumption, fear based and judgmental. Words have to have a place to land to impact an individual, group of people, a city a nation………….
Right now, so many words sounding forth floating about, spiritually speaking. Words dispersing in the spiritual atmosphere, not carrying any great weight of glory. They are light, airy, without much substance.

Sometimes I read or listen to a message and the word burns deep within me, so strong, so powerful that I want to burst inside, waiting to just release it. But…there is this sense that something is lacking. Where is it? There’s nothing lacking in Christ so the issue must be me. What is this? What do I need?
Deep clarity and understanding of a person – Christ in me. Revelation of the person, the Living Word, within me before I actually speak. Alive in me, He speaks to me before He speaks through me. There is no short cut here…………..intimacy in Christ, with Christ.

I hold words that are in process right now, growing in understanding, wisdom, grace. So many words out there. Many find themselves silent as I said above in order to  purify our language to form substance, to impart His person and His glory.
If they are released prematurely, they will disperse in mid-air never hitting the mark. Words of spirit and truth, life and light – They need a place to land. In the wrong timing, they may hit a person’s heart only to languish on the surface because the person is not prepared. They fall off because the ground is not ready. We are being prepared but so are the people/cities/nations to which we are being sent.

Words move out. They land flat. People don’t receive them, can’t receive them, don’t understand them, or any other number of reasons. What’s the problem? Is it that people are rebellious? Maybe. Are they ignorant of what I am saying? Perhaps. Are they tuning me out due to distraction? Yes, many times they are. There can be many reasons why we’re not heard. I just want to simplify it all right now. Looking at the Lord, keeping my eyes on Him and off of people, I realize something.
I believe that the Lord is restraining many of us from speaking. Why? To impart deep within us simplicity of language that focuses on Jesus Christ.

And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. 2 For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:1-2 NKJV)

There has to come a deep knowing before life-giving words come forth in power and anointing. To know Christ and to speak Christ.

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. (John 6:63 NKJV)

More to come…………………

In Christ,

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