onsdag 16 mars 2016

It is time!

Johnny Enlow wrote on his FB page 16th of March:

Can you feel it? Everything is changing. There is a new drum beat to march to. Can you hear it? It is a beat impossible to ignore. It is a beat of strength and resolve. It is a relentless cadence. A sound from heaven has penetrated the atmosphere and this sound is releasing kingdom order. 

It is a sound coming into confusion and chaos- and it is establishing divine priorities. This sound is causing darkness to panic. There are screams and cries and intense fear- and it is from the enemy's camp. Something is dreadfully surprising them. Their camp is in horrified confusion. 

This new beat is releasing a kingdom mood and rhythm for the newly released warrior angels. It is a beat and a sound that our spirits will now begin to better pick up on as the rest of March advances. It is now time to march to the beat of this new drum. No more time for distraction. No more time for false battle fronts. No more time for the petty stuff. It is now time to respond to heavens agenda. It is time to fall in line with the beat and the sound being released over us. It is time to march.

This is our Papa's time. It is now His show time. A great reset is taking place. This is a day of Justice arising. This is a time of Jubilee. Crooked paths will be made straight. Outrageous debts will be forgiven. Change is here to stay. Change is coming everywhere- because the time of reformation is now. It is the fourth wave and it is breaking onto us as a sound from heaven. 

What's coming will at time look like revival but it will be all about transformation. Our Papa indeed has a reformation agenda and He is calling all who are His. He is calling us out to hear His beat and to begin marching to the sound of who He is as Desire of the Nations. Can you feel Him? Can you hear Him? It is time to respond. Everything is changing.


"I have learned that transformed people transform culture." Os Hillman

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