lördag 28 juni 2014

Lessons I have learned about Prayer

Brian Mills som är en av ledarna i International Prayer Council, IPC sammanfattar i 10 punkter några saker han lärt sig om bön:

Lessons I have learned about Prayer

1. Prayer at its basic is conversation and relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Just as God asks questions of His servants, so we can ask questions of God.   We have rights of access into the very presence of God.

2.Through prayer not only do I come into the Presence of God, but as a consequence I can be the means whereby the Presence of God is brought into the lives of others and the situations that are part of everyday life.   I want to be a carrier of His Presence.   I can be an extension of God's Being. 

Läs de övriga 8 pnnkterna genom att gå in på denna sida:

och klicka på den orange knappen med texten "View" = punkterna öppnas  i en pdf

tisdag 24 juni 2014

Making Decisions by Hearing God

Making Decisions by Hearing God
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman
Wednesday, June 18 2014

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways" (Isaiah 55:8-9).
God speaks to his children in many varied ways. God has said that his ways are not our ways. If left to our reasoning, we will fail to fully walk in the full counsel of God, which leads to poor decisions.

Thus, our goal is to avoid being deceived and to develop a listening ear that hears the voice of God with confidence.

Read full text here/Läs hela betraktelsen här:http://www.marketplaceleaders.org/making-decisions-by-hearing-god/

onsdag 18 juni 2014

Ett steg ut i frihet

Från  bloggen "Riversofeden1":

Sometimes You Simply Can’t Go That Way? Then What?

I found myself telling a friend, “I can’t go into that room with you.” The words came out of my mouth, without an immediate understanding as to what they actually meant. I just knew, deep inside, that these words were accurate in what I felt. This room is not actually a room but a place in life where there may be a fork in the road. One person has to go one way while another person goes the other way. I simply said, “I can’t go into that room with you.”

For months, God did not fully explain why I said it that way. He also did not indicate to me what that statement meant. I lived in the tension, trying to figure out what I meant. Not wanting to be careless, uncaring, or arrogant. Not wanting to be nebulous or vague. I simply could not walk the way she was walking. It does not make the path inherently wrong. It simply means that it was not a way for me at this time in my life.
But, why? There’s the question. I finally got an answer, which brought me great peace and increased freedom.

One day in prayer, the Lord spoke to me.
“Debra don’t hedge your bets.”
Hmmmm? I always get these one-liners from God that take me down a path of understanding His way for my life. They work for me. God is gracious to talk to me with a bit of humor with a lot of creativity.
“Don’t hedge your bets.”

What does it mean?
“Debra, don’t walk forward, leaving a means of retreat open in case Plan A does not work. In your case, stick with the plan. There is no plan B. Follow me.”
“Debra don’t try to protect yourself from any losses by creating a protective barrier around you by following the same ole’ same ole’ way you have always gone.”
“Debra, don’t try to minimize your exposure to loss.”
“Debra, I have created you to take risks.”

God and I spent a whole day rehashing and talking through some things. Like how I have lost my ‘edge’ over the past few years. About how I opted for a safe route because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and rejected and invisible.
I can’t hedge my bets by choosing a sure thing. The only sure thing for me is a person, Christ Jesus. He is leading me by a unique, adventurous path. And I already see it starting. After I accepted His words. He began to tell me how He wired me to be and how I actually am and not to fight it all anymore.

So, I could not go into this room with this friend. Yes, she went into it but I could not. And, God does work it all for good, loving all His children.
I have to live my life following a different rhythm, not always easy or predictable but filled with a measure of risk and adventure. To not do life this way only leaves me bored and passive which is death to my soul.
Follow me a bit further. It gets good.

Jesus spoke to my spirit (paraphrasing of course).

Release fear of the future. I’ve got it all in My hands.
Release fear that the past will repeat itself like “Groundhog Day.”
Release fear that you have missed My plan for your life.
Release fear that people control your destiny by their actions.
Release fear of what people think about you – your failures, mistakes, etc.

Then, very succinctly, I heard, “Ask no more questions about the past. Walk forward.”
From that moment something happened, all in a progression of happenings over the past year. I sensed more and more freedom each day.

I know. I can’t go into anyone’s room that may pull me back into the mundane, doing what is expected in a safe way. I can’t walk into a place where possibilities are only something  continually talked about, but never pursued? Not me.

I can’t walk into rooms that are created for someone else. In fact, I don’t want to live in a room at all. A room is a confined space, limited for me, but perhaps not for others. God is cool in that – giving us what we each need.

I never intended to be selfish by not going into that room but I have followed people into so many rooms over the years that now, I want wide open spaces.
I have walked into rooms where people wanted me to mentor them, counsel them, finance their endeavors, talk with me, cry about their problems, walk through their pain with them, enter into their sorrow, their divorce, etc. And YES I have done it and always will do it as God leads for people who I love.

But NOW, that is not God’s plan for me. I want the wide-open fields, the broad places that are beautiful when it is sunny or when there are blustery winds and thunderstorms. I want these wide-open spaces for that is how I am wired in God.

I want the wide expanse of possibility that exists in the midst of what seems impossible, not being contained or conformed to the pressure of normalcy or the status quo.
I sought a measure of comfort for the past few years due to internal struggles and hopelessness. I am happy to say, that is not the case today.

So Lord, take the roof off or better yet, lead me out in a way you have chosen for me to walk…and to run. At least for this season. To walk on the path of faith that God places before me.
Lord, I won’t hedge my bets by choosing the safe way. This is the life you have given me to show forth your glory. Besides that, to take a path that I have taken before, expecting different results is insanity. I did not say that, Einstein did. He probably also liked wide-open spaces.
I won’t commit to be safe
I won’t rely on Plan B when you are a faithful God.
I won’t look for a way out.
I won’t live in fear and choose what is comfortable.
I won’t protect myself against loss by following what seems to be a sure path or a path where others may go, but I cannot go.
I won’t let safety and comfort be a protective barrier around me, keeping me in a false sense of security.

So what now? Doors are opening, wide, very wide. I had nothing to do with it. It is all about Jesus. Kenya is the first door – 3 weeks in August with a great team of people.
Here is a word for me – changed my life….hope you also love it.

Garris Elkins
The way forward you seek is through a doorway that will remain invisible until you step across its threshold of faith. Many have stalled at this point in their journey because they demanded to see the doorway before they were willing to step forward.
What you need to see is not visible in this realm of natural options and solutions. Seeing with natural eyes will only cause you to stumble and stall. The way forward will appear like a step into nothing, but it will become a step into something wild and beautiful.
As you step forward, you will be responding to a voice. Listen for the voice – this is your doorway. The one who said, “I am the door” is the voice inviting you to step forward. Once you cross this threshold an enter this doorway you will see what was not previously visible in your current circumstances.

In Christ
Debra Westbrook


måndag 16 juni 2014

Res dig, och gå vidare i Guds plan

Predikan från församlingen Kellporten:

Den här predikan handlar om att vi behöver resa oss från våra omständigheter, och gå framåt i den plan som Gud har för oss.

Res dig, och gå vidare i Guds plan

Det gamla har haft sin tid och Gud går vidare

Jos 1:2
Min tjänare Mose är död. Stå nu upp och gå över Jordan, du och allt detta folk, in i det land som jag skall ge åt Israels barn.

Mose dog innan det var dags för folket att på nytt gå in i löfteslandet, och Josua fick ta över ledarskapet. Det var inte bara ett skifte av ledare, utan mellan två olika skeenden. Det gamla var slut. Nu var det dags för ett nytt steg. Detsamma gäller oss. Vi kan inte stanna i det förgångna. Det har haft sin tid. Vi måste gå vidare med Jesus.

Viktigt att vi följer Jesus här och nu

Matt 4:18-20
18 När Jesus vandrade utmed Galileiska sjön, fick han se två bröder, Simon som kallas Petrus och hans bror Andreas, kasta ut nät i sjön. De var fiskare.
19 Han sade till dem: ”Följ mig, så skall jag göra er till människofiskare.”
20 Genast lämnade de näten och följde honom.

Petrus och Andreas lämnade det invanda och följde Jesus, och det behöver vi också göra. Det är viktigt att vi följer Jesus här och nu, även om vi inte vet vad det kommer att innebära.

Läs hela predikan här:

fredag 13 juni 2014

Bön och väckelse

"The following is an excerpt from the book Prayer Storm:

Without prayer, revival will not come. But, what does this kind of prayer look like? In 1976, an Oxford-educated church historian named J. Edwin Orr gave a talk entitled "The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening" at the National Prayer Congress in Dallas."

Läs fortsättningen av artikeln här,  källa:

Och detta är J. Edwin Orrs predikan om vikten av bön för väckelse:

Detta är ett föredrag om väckelsen i Wales 1904:

torsdag 12 juni 2014

Hjärtats uppsåt och tankar

June 12, 2014

Some things have been put on hold for a short time so that you can get your heart right with Me in this particular. I am dealing with selfish motivations and places of disregard for others.  When you recognize wrong attitudes and set things in order, you will be able to proceed, says the Lord.  Love is the order of the day.  

Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to a neighbor; 
therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Faith Tabernacle | 111 North Fourth Street | P. O. Box 1148 | Kremmling | CO | 80459

Jewels From Judy: PREPARING for the BIG!

Jewels From Judy: PREPARING for the BIG!

Judy Bauman


An Exhortation from the Holy Spirit about a coming move of God

“Do you sense something BIG is on the horizon? Have you been hearing for some time now that you are to ‘PREPARE’? Many are asking, ‘What are we preparing for, and how do we do that exactly?’ Every answer to every question is in My word. Scripture holds your answers. Do you want gold? Dig for it in My word! Do you want gems set in antimony? Dig for them in Scripture![i]

“Many are looking for a ‘word for the day.’ Yet after they read a devotional or prophetic word, they often go on in the same way as before they read it. They do not take to heart what I say or have already said in the past. Instead, they tend to treat these readings like daily entertainment.” (As the Holy Spirit spoke this to my heart, I saw people online reading prophetic words and then picking out only what they wanted to hear. Others were reading godly words or teachings, but then went on to consult their horoscope or other such things. I felt a terrible sense of dread because of mixture.)[ii]

“Permit Me to make something practical for you. Because it is human nature to want the ‘big thing’ and yet not have any idea how to prepare for it, use these simple instructions to guide you:
  1. Love God with all your heart! (Don’t mix the holy with the profane and call it good, I Am a jealous God.[iii]
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself. (Care for others and treat them the way you like to be treated.)[iv]
  3. Forgive and do not allow offences to rule in your members. My peace must guide you. Forgive as I forgave you.[v]
  4. Guard your words and your heart. The mouth speaks what is hidden in the heart, so hide My word there and you will not be separated from Me.[vi]

“I will trust you with the coming ‘BIG’ if you are faithful with the current ‘small’. Good stewardship is paramount in My eyes. Think about whom to touch with My love: your family, friends, your community (in life or online), your work, school, church, marketplace, etc… It is here where you show you are faithful in what I have given you. Let My words flow from your heart – not like memorized lines in a skit, but words you understand and practice yourself. It is in doing this that you PREPARE for the BIG. It is here that you show Me that you can be trusted with what is on the horizon. If you prepare, this will be a time of great outpouring for you.

“If you do not prepare by putting My word into practice, then you will be as the one who was given a talent (a large sum of money) and buried it. He counted his master a ‘hard man’ and openly said so. He reflects the embittered soul who is full of fear and distrust and isn’t afraid to vomit his complaints onto anyone within earshot. That master took the talent away and gave it to the one who had the most. Why? Because he was unfaithful with what was given him. The wicked and worthless servant was taken and thrown into the outer darkness.[vii]

“Be faithful with the provision given you. Be faithful with your gifts and talents. Be faithful to forgive so you can love as I do. Be faithful to prepare by walking in the truth of My word. Be a doer of My word.[viii] Those who belong to Me will reflect My peace. I Am slow to anger, quick to show mercy, generous, loving, helpful, and faithful.[ix] Be the same, and in doing so, you will be PREPARING for the BIG that is on the horizon.”
[i] Proverbs 25:2; Isaiah 54:11
[ii] Jeremiah 5:31; 2 Timothy 4:3
[iii] Deuteronomy 6:5
[iv] Matthew 18:21-35
[v] Matthew 6:14-15; Colossians 3:12-15
[vi] Psalm 119:11; Philippians 4:4-7
[vii] Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 16:10
[viii] Matthew 7:24-29; James 1:22-27

Michael W Smith - Let it Rain

onsdag 11 juni 2014

Hur bör vi möta motgångar?

Olika sätt som vi kan möta motgångar och bakslag på:

Responses to Adversity

TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman
Sunday, June 08 2014

"Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior" (Hab. 3:17-18). 

When we experience adversity, we generally respond in one of three ways: (1) we become angry; (2) we try to gut it out; or (3) we accept it with joy. 

Read full text here/Läs hela betraktelsen här:

lördag 7 juni 2014

Abrahams välsignelse

Från "International Christian Embassy Jerusalem": 

"The call of Abraham is an amazing story. It's the story where everything starts, not only for the Jewish people, the nation of Israel, but also for us as Christians. It's the calling of God on a man who would shape human history.Four thousand years later, we can stand in Jerusalem and see the fulfillment of the great blessings promised to Abraham. And if you have faith in Jesus Christ, you are a son of Abraham and are truly blessed. "


Se video här med undervisning kring detta:

torsdag 5 juni 2014

Sveiges nationaldag

Detta är ett profetiskt ord från samma person som fick förmedla "Sweden  - it´s time to action", läs och pröva och behåll det goda:
National Day

While we were having a time of prayer with K and M I started to pray for Sweden National Day and I started to hear a sound in the Spirit,  it was bells being rung,  as I heard them the sounds became words

It was a call for restoration of the prodigals,  the hearts of the sons and the fathers,  restoration of truth,  restoration to the Father's heart.

One day the Lord will restore ALL things to Himself and give them to the Father,  my prayer is that on Sweden National Day that breakthrough becomes a reality in your area,  that it is a day or joy and wonder 

I don't think it is a coincidence that it is also the same day as the anniversary of the troops being rescued from the enemy's mouth of death and the living hell of the Normandy beaches. 

I bought a card from Sword Beach while there in France lift your voices as the Swords of the Lord to worship and declaration

The victory started on that Normandy beach and the way of the war was turned the soldiers were encouraged by the victory and the audacious operation 
Be audacious for the Lord
I see the great cloud of witnesses the Swedish army now in glory calling you forward and encouraging you with excitement,  there is no apathy in heaven only joy victory and unity for the task in hand

Hallelujah Be blessed and God bless Sweden and her people

Break every chain

måndag 2 juni 2014


Bibeln kan man läsa på många olika sätt, precis som man kan be på många olika sätt. Här kommer några tips: 

Prayer To Change Your Life
by John Paul Jackson

The Bible is filled with examples of godly men and women whose lives were infused with prayer. As a result, entire nations were changed, and the earth saw God displayed in power.
Prayer is the most mentioned doctrine and practice in Scripture. The command to pray is found 250 times in the Bible, and praying specific prayers is mentioned another 280 times.
I know that prayer can be an intimidating word for some of us. In the middle of busy lives, the thought of prayer can make us feel overwhelmed. So in this month’s article, I want to share with you an easy way to pray—a practice that has radically shaped my walk with God, and I know it will impact yours as well. It’s called Lectio Divina, which is a fancy phrase that essentially means praying Scripture back to God.

Fortsättning: Klicka här

söndag 1 juni 2014

Sweden - Time for action‏

Detta är ett profetiskt ord till Sverige från en profetisk förebedjare och god vän i UK som sändes ut den 24 maj 2014. Läs och pröva och behåll det goda:
"At 3 am this morning (21st May) I felt the Lords call to His chosen people in Sweden, those called into places of Kingdom position, the intercessors, prophets, apostles, teachers the ICCC and Watchmen for the Nation.

The Lord has shown me, (which I have shared with those of you who know me), that the Lord has a great purpose for Sweden in the days ahead. In these last days He desires to use your Nation as a place of safety and refuge and to raise up once more a spirit of revival  and restoration.

The deep and rich wells of your heritage which have soaked your land in the anointing of the Holy Spirit by your parents and grandparents and the generations before them who prayed and worshipped and sought the Lord will be released once more.

On one of our visits to your Nation the Lord had us prophetically call for the releasing of those wells and yesterday at a meeting here in the UK the Lord had us pray for Sweden. He reminded me that the oil of the Holy Spirit NEVER runs out and never runs dry and that it was time to pray the releasing again.

As He woke me in night to pray the Lord gave me a picture of you, His people standing together in a large circle praying but the Lord told me that instead of looking in it was time to turn around and LOOK OUT. That UNITY  was the weapon that would overcome and bring victory.

Psalm 15 v 2 says He who DOES righteousness and speaks the truth in his own heart.

As the Lords trumpet call is being sounded it is time to stop talking about unity and to DO IT. Chose to let go of the things that have held back this anointing in your own lives and hearts forgive and recieve healing.

I believe that the Lord is saying that this starts with looking at our own  hearts to see if there is anything within that is a barrier, be it position, title, wounds of offence, self righteousness, it is time to let the Lord of life and the lover of our souls deal with and heal our hearts so that there is no place for the enemy to gain a stronghold. Search me Lord and know my heart.

As I saw the circle of people turning to face outwards, the Lord was showing me that it would take  eyes off each other and see the real enemy,  no longer on the walls but at the gates of your nation.

The warning bells were being rung but that as you looked inward you were able to see each others faults and others were able to see yours and this caused a divisional split, but, when you looked out you were facing the enemy and protecting each others backs.

I heard the Lord say it was time for the Watchman to stand at the gates and to take up their rightful places and to sound the alarm.
My prayer was that each of you would hear the ringing in your hearts and know the Lords call and purpose for you and your nation in the days ahead.

The Lord has been impressing on my heart for a while now that the cities of refuge were for the natives (Children of Israel) and the foreigner, but He showed me that as the foreigner came into the land of Israel they were be influenced for good by the people of the nation that they were to know and worship the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac and were not to set up false altars.

The heritage of your forefathers in the Lord should be the foundation and inheritance that the strangers coming into your land should be influenced by and be blessed with, and while this may "fly in the face" of political correctness it is not said in judgement but so that Gods love can rise up set people free and release His glory into the nation.

Ephesians 6 One New Man Bible:
From now on you must right away become strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS strength. You must continually be clothed with the full armour of God to enable you to stand against the strategies of the devil because the wrestling for us is NOT with blood and flesh but with the rulers with the powers with the world rulers of this darkness with the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies.

As always please test this word with the Spirit of truth and forgive me if this is not a word in season for your nation, if it is then please do not ignore this call of God for your nation and seek the way in which He would have you move forward.

Every sincere blessing Hils x