torsdag 5 juni 2014

Sveiges nationaldag

Detta är ett profetiskt ord från samma person som fick förmedla "Sweden  - it´s time to action", läs och pröva och behåll det goda:
National Day

While we were having a time of prayer with K and M I started to pray for Sweden National Day and I started to hear a sound in the Spirit,  it was bells being rung,  as I heard them the sounds became words

It was a call for restoration of the prodigals,  the hearts of the sons and the fathers,  restoration of truth,  restoration to the Father's heart.

One day the Lord will restore ALL things to Himself and give them to the Father,  my prayer is that on Sweden National Day that breakthrough becomes a reality in your area,  that it is a day or joy and wonder 

I don't think it is a coincidence that it is also the same day as the anniversary of the troops being rescued from the enemy's mouth of death and the living hell of the Normandy beaches. 

I bought a card from Sword Beach while there in France lift your voices as the Swords of the Lord to worship and declaration

The victory started on that Normandy beach and the way of the war was turned the soldiers were encouraged by the victory and the audacious operation 
Be audacious for the Lord
I see the great cloud of witnesses the Swedish army now in glory calling you forward and encouraging you with excitement,  there is no apathy in heaven only joy victory and unity for the task in hand

Hallelujah Be blessed and God bless Sweden and her people

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