måndag 2 juni 2014


Bibeln kan man läsa på många olika sätt, precis som man kan be på många olika sätt. Här kommer några tips: 

Prayer To Change Your Life
by John Paul Jackson

The Bible is filled with examples of godly men and women whose lives were infused with prayer. As a result, entire nations were changed, and the earth saw God displayed in power.
Prayer is the most mentioned doctrine and practice in Scripture. The command to pray is found 250 times in the Bible, and praying specific prayers is mentioned another 280 times.
I know that prayer can be an intimidating word for some of us. In the middle of busy lives, the thought of prayer can make us feel overwhelmed. So in this month’s article, I want to share with you an easy way to pray—a practice that has radically shaped my walk with God, and I know it will impact yours as well. It’s called Lectio Divina, which is a fancy phrase that essentially means praying Scripture back to God.

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