söndag 31 augusti 2014

Bönedagar i Stockholm och Göteborg

Bönedagar i Stockholm och Göteborg

Profetisk bönekonferens med Lila Terhune, USA
Lila Terhune från Pensacola, USA, som var förbönsledare under den väckelse som pågick i Brownsville Assembly of God mellan 1995-2005, besöker Sverige den 2-4 september, med följande program:

Tisdag 2 september, Citykyrkan Stockholm
- 18.00 (mingel från 17.30): Kvällsmöte, undervisning, förbön och lovsång.

Torsdag 4 september, Citykyrkan Stockholm
- 12.00-13.15:  Höstens uppstart av lunchbön med förbön för Stockholm och Sverige
- 13.20-14.50: Ledarlunch, anmälan till patrik.sandberg@foretagscoach.se
- 19.00: Kvällsmöte, undervisning, förbön och lovsång.

Onsdag 3 september, Buråskyrkan, Burås kyrkbacke, Göteborg
- 13.00: Samling för ledare, präster och pastorer.
- 18.00: Kvällsmöte, undervisning, förbön och lovsång.

mer info:

Lila Terhune

lördag 30 augusti 2014

Kippavandring och manifestation mot antisemitism

Var gärna med och bed för dessa två initiativ! Guds välsignelse! Barnabas

Aktivitet: Kippavandring i Stockholm, 31 augusti
Datum: söndag 31 augusti 2014
Tid: 11.30 - 14.00
Plats: Raoul Wallenbergs Torg
Eventsida på Facebook:

Aktivitet: Manifestation i Stockholm, 31 augusti
*** Söndagen den 31:a augusti kl. 14.00 i Humlegården! ***
__________________________ __________________

"Konflikten i Mellanöstern har eskalerat denna sommar med kidnappningar och mord på ungdomar samt fortsatta raketregn mot Israel från det terrorstyrda Gaza. Israel har som alla andra länder en skyldighet och rättighet att skydda sina medborgare mot attacker. Trots det har vi under den senaste tiden i Sverige sett en ökande antisemitism och svartmålning av Israels vänner. Israel behandlas med en enastående dubbelstandard när det gäller mänskliga rättigheter och möjligheten för landets alla medborgare - oavsett religionstillhörighet - att kunna leva inom säkra gränser.
VI HAR FÅTT NOG. Vi kommer inte vara tysta när antisemitismen växer i Sverige, denna gång dold under ett tunt lager av Israelhat. Ingen svensk jude ska behöva känna sig otrygg i sitt hemland på grund av en konflikt i en annan världsdel och ingen Israelvän ska behöva känna sig orolig för att ge uttryck för sin åsikt. Vi vill se ett Sverige som skyddar sina minoriteter och försvarar åsiktsfrihet med bibehållen säkerhet."
Facebook.com/ stoppaisraelbojkotter
Eventsida på Facebook:

onsdag 27 augusti 2014

Comfort others

August 27, 2014. This current season is one of balancing the blessings of love and unity with profound losses. It is a bittersweet time. Don't ever think the Holy Spirit is not aware. He is behind the scenes, orchestrating a release of a new level of joy and celebration. Where there has been love and unity, there will be an increase of same to the flood stage. He is arranging the losses in such a way that will bring understanding and wisdom for the next season. Your own comfort will manifest. Turn and comfort others.

Jeremiah 31:13 (NLT) "The young women will dance for joy, and the men-old and young-will join in the celebration. I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing."  Ras Robinson

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9:00AM EDT 8/20/2014 Ken Malone
Sunlight bursts through sunflower
It's been held back for a long time, but a season of new life and abundance is upon us! (Flickr/peddhapati) https://www.flickr.com/photos/peddhapati/10676053593/in/set-72157631731209918

As I write this, my body is trembling under the power of Holy Spirit. I was at a meeting at The Altar in Port St. Joe, Florida, with David and Cindy Fernandez on Aug. 15, 2014 when I received a vision from the Lord.

I saw and heard the radical remnant of the Lord pregnant with the dreams and visions of the Lord. They were pregnant with the purposes of God in the Earth. 
Many are pregnant with awakening revival for their nation, cities and families.  Others are pregnant with a harvest of souls. Still others are pregnant with signs, wonders and miracles. Then there are those who are pregnant with His presence, intercession and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Beyond Full Term
The radical remnant I saw and am seeing is beyond full term. Something is keeping them from delivering God's purpose. The remnant is not able to deliver. Groaning and travail as with a woman in pain of childbirth is on the remnant. But no one can deliver.

The Accuser of the Brethren
Suddenly, I began to see why we could not deliver. The accuser of the brethren was standing there making accusation against the remnant. Dreams and visions from the Lord are being held hostage in the womb of the sons and daughters of the Lord by this accuser. (See Rev. 12 and Zech. 3.) 
The accusations were strong and demanding, going back many generations. Some of the dreams and visions have been within the womb of the remnant for decades. Some have been passed through the generations but have yet to be birthed. Many of the dreams and visions will deliver nations and bring awakening to generations, even generations yet to come.

Judgment Released Against the Accuser
I then heard the Lord say, "I am shutting the mouth of the destroyer, and I will establish a throne of righteousness and worship in the land." A release of joy came to my spirit as I heard the Lord release the vengeance of our God against the accuser of the brethren (See Is. 61:2).

A Season of Giving Birth
After this vision/word, I looked up the Hebrew month we are in. It was the 19th of Av. Today we are in the 20th day of Av. On the Hebraic calendar, Av is a month of GIVING BIRTH.

War Over the Harvest
The accuser is warring over your harvest. But it is your season to travail to prevail.
We must enter into the place of Isaiah 54:1-3:

"Sing, O barren, You who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, You who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman," says the Lord. 

"Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited."

Don't try to answer the accuser based on your merit or righteousness. Our answer is based on the righteous Blood of Jesus that was shed for remission of sin.

Strategy: Travail to Prevail
It's important that you enter into a time of worship in this season.

I want to encourage:
  • Churches, pastors—Take a Sunday to dedicate the entire service to worship. Encourage your congregation to press into worship for the harvest and for awakening in your city.
  • Prayer groups—Spend time entering into Harp & Bowl (Worship & Intercession-Rev. 5:8) and give birth to the purposes of God.
  • Worship teams—Worship leaders, gather your team to enter into worship and exalt the Lord.
  • Houses of prayer—You are an important part of this. Enter into a place of worship over the harvest of souls in your region.
  • Home groups—Press in through worship. We need your voice to reach into the heavens.
  • Families—Restore the altar of worship in your home. This will unlock the dreams and visions you are pregnant with.
  • Business leaders—Take time to worship the Lord in your office or with your employees. Unlock the hidden resources of heaven in your business.

Raoul Wallenberg dagen

Raoul Wallenberg

var en svensk affärsman och diplomat som under andra världskriget räddade ett stort antal judar undan förintelsen i Ungern.
Idag den 27 augusti då Raoul har namnsdag firas Raoul Wallenbergs dag till hans minne. 

Raoul Wallenberg personifierade ordet "civilkurage" och för att fler ska våga stå upp för sina värderingar har Raoul Wallenberg Academy lanserat en lista på hundra saker man kan göra. Här finns listan som innehåller många bra förslag:

se också:

söndag 24 augusti 2014

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Facebook Cover Image

Get In On The Action Now! 

We are just weeks away from the day that the Church will shake spiritual strongholds in the Middle East. On October 5th, believers from nearly every tongue, tribe and nation, will UNITE to fervently pray for God's unique purposes in the city He calls His own - Jerusalem, "the city of the Great King," (Psalm 48:2; Matt. 5:35).
The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is the largest prayer movement in history for this tiny but strategic piece of land, with participating churches in over 175 nations - including underground churches in China and seven Muslim nations.    

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Well, you don't have to wait until October 5th... Israel needs your prayers and support right now!

Here are five ways you can get in on the action!

1.  Download our FREE DPPJ Phone APP for all Smartphones, so you can stay current on all of the DPPJ action!

2.  Sign up NOW for the 30 days of DPPJ Daily Prayer Alerts leading up to October 6th so YOU can be part of God's "Prayer Shield" for those making the DPPJ happen around the world.

3.   Post our powerful new DPPJ Cover & Timeline Facebook photos and Instagram pictures to your social media accounts.

4.   Plan NOW to be part of the DPPJ 24-Hour Prayer Conference Call: 12 midnight EST, October 5th to 11:59 PM EST--as an intercessor, a prayer leader or both! 

5.   Join any of our morning or evening DAILY one hour DPPJ Prayer Calls to begin praying now for Israel. Just scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to choose which days and hours.

NOW is the perfect time for YOU to get in the action. Israel needs your prayers right  now, and so do we.  


Robert Stearns

fredag 22 augusti 2014

Come Through! This “Sifting” Is Unto Life!

Jewels from Judy: Come Through! This “Sifting” Is Unto Life!

Judy Bauman


An encouraging word from Abba Father during a time of testing:
Come Through! This “Sifting” Is Unto Life!

(Note: As I was receiving this “Jewels”, I can report that the Lord had a very high level of excitement and joy in His tone of voice!)

"There is a squeeze going on! Many feel like they are being put through a sieve (sifter). Do you remember when I told Peter that Satan desired to sift him as wheat, but that I had prayed for his faith not to fail? I Am ever interceding for My Church to be overcomers. I Am ever beckoning her to come to My Throne of Grace to receive mercy in time of need. My instruction is to come boldly – not a like abused, neglected or abandoned children fearful to approach their Father. Come with confidence and know you are My prized possession, My jewels, My flowers, My children. The Cross provided for you an inheritance that is sure and stable. It doesn’t fluctuate like your markets. As I have told you, gold and silver will rust and moths will destroy, but to My kingdom there is no end.

“My jewels, My precious ones have gotten their eyes on the problems set before them. In their shortsightedness they have forgotten to magnify Me in their circumstances.

“There is no condemnation in My words. I don’t seek to condemn, but to draw you near. Remember, I inhabit the praises of My people – I abide in worship. You will (and do) sense My presence like no other time when you abandon yourself to worship Me in spirit and in truth. It can be a sacrifice to bring Me praise, but even if it feels like if you worship Me your guts will spill out of your body, there is no better time to offer it! The more difficult the circumstance, the sweeter the offering is to Me. I know it is your costly perfume. Your sacrifice of praise comes up as sweet incense to My nostrils.

“Come through the canal. Come through the key-hole. Come through the gate – the eye of the needle. Come through the door! Everything that binds you will be scraped off and you will run the race set before you unfettered.

“Embrace the work of the Cross (death to the flesh and its ways). Go through the birthing canal of My perfect will and know this squeeze you are in is unto life. Praise and worship Me in spirit and truth. Know that I Am interceding for you to receive the prize reserved just for you.

“As long as you seek My face, I will lift you up on eagle’s wings and you will fly above the world’s discourse above fear, doubt and unbelief. All these things displease your Father as they are sin. Fear cannot coexist with faith. Faith cannot coexist with doubt and unbelief. Without faith it is impossible to please God. I say again – come boldly to the Throne of Grace and see from your Father’s perspective of love and assurance. You will have your faith in God strengthened. It is My desire for you to have singleness of vision – the vision of a dove.”

Forever yours,

Scriptures to Ponder: Link2Scriptures

Luke 22:31-32; Revelation 21:7; Hebrews 4:14-16; Psalms 34:1-5; Romans 8:1; Psalm 22:3; John 4:22-24; Jeremiah 33:11; Hebrews 13:15; Isaiah 61:3; John 12:3; Psalm 118:19-24; Matthew 19:23-25; Hebrews 12:1-2; Psalm 27:8; Isaiah 40:31; Mark 4:39-41; Hebrews 11:6; James 2:19-20, 26; Proverbs 22:12; Song of Solomon 1:15

Given March 3, 2012 released to the church July 16, 2012

källa: http://www.thefathersloveim.org/come_through___this__sifting__is_unto_life

tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Israel och Israels roll i ändens tid

Det känns väldigt angeläget att lyfta fram vad Bibeln säger om Israel och Israels roll i ändens tid. 
I dessa två undervisningspass förklaras det mycket tydligt:

Derek Prince - Why Israel?

Derek Prince - Israel in the End times

onsdag 13 augusti 2014

Kraften i Jesu blod

Om innebörden av Jesu offer på Golgata och kraften i Jesu blod handlar denna predikan. Detta tror jag är väldigt viktigt att förstå mer och mer. Det är Derek Prince som undervisar på ett mycket sakligt och pedagogiskt sätt: 

How To Apply The Blood

Fler predikningar kan du hitta på Youtube och på Derek Prince minisitries hemsida:

församlingen Källportens hemsida finns också en predikan på samma tema:

måndag 11 augusti 2014

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, DPPJ


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Join us on October 5 in Jerusalem for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem! This local event in Jerusalem will take place, and be broadcast on GOD TV at the beautiful Haas Promenade overlooking the city.

Joining me and the Eagles' Wings team for this celebration will be former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Dr. Michael Oren, as well as religious leaders from the Jewish and Christian communities, and members of the Knesset. Make your plans now to join with Jews, Christians, Arabs, and visitors from other nations for this celebration!

Email us now if you plan to be with us!

EVENT DATE: Sunday, October 5, 2014
TIME: 4:00PM (all guests must be seated by 3:45PM)
LOCATION: Tayelet Haas Promenade, Daniel Yanofsky Street

Make sure that your church is participating by praying for the Peace of Jerusalem with believers from around the world on Sunday, October 5. This prayer initiative is now active in over 175 nations, with more than 300,000 churches participating!

Resources and more information are available at www.daytopray.com or by calling 1-800-519-4647.


Robert Stearns
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Eagles' Wings
Eagles' Wings
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Clarence, NY 14031

söndag 3 augusti 2014

Tre bra predikningar

Tre riktigt bra predikningar från DiscipleMakers konferens "Out of my shame - How Jesus defeats our darkness" 

Jesus Receives the Shamed
talk on John 8 by Mark Fodale 

Jesus Redeems the Shamed
talk on John 9 by Peter Krol 

Jesus Releases the Unashamed 
by Dave Kieffer

för fler predikningar, se DiscipleMakers hemsida:

Ny film

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