fredag 20 december 2013

Israel - Kina

"Pastor Paul is one of a multitude of Chinese Christian leaders who has a burning desire to see his nation converted and brought into abundant life in this world and everlasting life in the world to come."

"One day a fellow pastor urged him to go to the All Nations Prayer Convocation in Jerusalem lead by Tom Hess. At first he thought, “Why go to Jerusalem? I’m working in the harvest field in China, and that’s where my heart is.” But he attended the conference in 2008 and his heart was stirred. However, when he felt God prompting him to come to Jerusalem every year, he said he felt shocked. “I will obey,” he said, “but I don’t know why.”"

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The Author of Time

Jewels from Judy: The Author of Time
Judy Bauman

While journaling, I apologized to the Lord for thinking about all I had to do. I had actually stopped writing in my journal so I could make a list of errands. This is what He said:

“Your days are filled with things ‘to do’ and it is good for you to be organized, but remember Who made time. If you want to make the most of what time you’ve been given, come and spend some of it with Me first. I will bless and multiply what you need as I Am the Author of time!

“There are things you do and things that happen which are out of your control, and these steal your time. When you start your day with Me, I can impart My timing, answers and direction. Stop chasing your tail like a silly dog that doesn’t know better! Come and allow Me to take you higher. I will give you what you need for not only this day but also what is needed for the days ahead. I Am a good Abba. I will help you in all your ways; I will direct your path.”


torsdag 12 december 2013

Creative Expression – Guilty For What You Do And What You Don’t Do

Debra skriver om att göra upp med skuldkänslor i denna bloggpost. Nära kopplat till skuld som drivkraft för det vi gör, kan "plikt" vara.  Svenskar sägs ju vara ett pliktroget folk och det är inget fel i det. Men när plikt blir det som driver oss tror jag det blir  problematiskt. Något att fundera över, inte minst i advents- och juletid då många "måsten" känns viktiga att uppfylla. Kanske är de egentligen inga "måsten" utan går alldeles utmärkt att strunta i  Våga tänka nytt! Pröva att välja bort det som bara känns betungande! Och skapa på det sättet utrymme för det som du kanske inte ens visste du och dina nära och kära behövde.  Det är så lätt att bli fartblind så att vi missar det som verkligen är viktigt.
Gemenskap, samtal,  "bara vara" - ja, det finns mycket som vi riskerar att gå miste om när vi springer för fort i ekorrhjulet. Pröva att springa lite långsammare, ta en annan väg eller gör något annat för att bryta med de plikter och skuldkänslor som bara stjäl kraft. Sök och hitta vilan, Guds shalom i ditt liv!         

Guds välsignelse!

Creative Expression – Guilty For What You Do And What You Don’t Do

by riversofeden1
Guilt Guilt Guilt 
Well that’s the question folks. Do you ever do things out of guilt and then you feel awful, compromised, like crap? When I do something because I feel guilty – wanting to be accepted, promoted, or some such thing, I get pulled into a whirlpool of mixed emotions. I chastise myself for trying to produce results rather than letting things play out in time and letting things happen in due course. I take the reins and do it. Of course, it (the desire I am hoping to achieve) may initially work out BUT trust me, it will backfire eventually. Guilt should never be the driving force in any relationship or situation. Never. Never. 

For me, doing things out of guilt for people was a biggie. It was never about them, but it is about me. Why did I do that? Well, to be quite honest, because I did not trust the Lord to do for me what I could not do, so I decided to work it up and do it myself. Then I felt guilty for doing things out of guilt because I know it won’t produce the desire that I wanted it to produce. There is an answer to it all. Glance over yesterday’s blog, okay? 

Guilt is like going round and round in a whirlpool. Just wanted to repeat that for myself to let it settle in me. I feel guilty for what I don’t do and guilty for what I do. It’s a never-ending battle that actually is a by-product of a wounded heart. Somehow guilt has made me feel that I lack something. It makes me feel like I am not enough and I have to buy my way into situations or peoples’ lives. Have you ever been there? Oh by the way, buying your way in is not with money or it could be. It could be through control, manipulation or even promises to enhance relationships or situations. For instance, I can buy presents flattering people so that they feel wanted and do more. I can take people places that they would not be able to afford themselves because I have the money and they don’t. There are numerous ways to move in guilt. 

I have decided to take a new approach. It’s called trust. Trusting God to make a way for me. Not cliché. Not some easy fix. It is reality. The overriding flow of guilt in my life flowed through my decisions. Guilt was behind many decisions I have made in times past. Suddenly, I see. Do you? Guilt robs you of an inner sense of calm, peace, and an awareness that you are enough whether things work out as you expected them to work out or not.
Guilt Definition 
Here’s a great one by Paul Ellis – The Cure for Guilt. Read it when you have time. It helped me see some things. We really need each other in the Body of Christ. Sometimes I am feeling things deep inside of me that I can’t express. I try, but the words don’t seem to come out quite right and hit the nail on the head with precision. So, I read an article that nails it for me and I say “Yep, that’s it. I get it.’

Insecurity in me on a massive scale drove me to DO for people to keep them close. It also drove me to control the environment to a certain degree. This was not done because I am an evil, angry ogre. No, I was just plain insecure with deep rejection issues. It was done because I simply did not believe, in the depths of my being, that I was enough for God. This driving reality in me kept giving me a subliminal message that sounded like this:
“You are not enough. Try harder. Buy them off with kindness. Fill their need. Take them places. Buy them things. You know, make it hard for them to go. You are second-rate, second choice. If you don’t do this, ah ah ah…………….you are not enough to keep this going.”
Yikes, that is pitiful but we do it. I have done it. Perhaps you have done it. Why do we do it? I don’t feel that Christ in me is enough to lead the way, get the job done, fulfill His promises, etc. But times they are a changing for me. I say “for me” because this is my internal reality. I am not blaming anyone for it at all. I can trace back these ‘guilt roots’ to my Polish upbringing. Guilt in a Polish family is served up on a fine platter, able to be digested at every meal. No lie. That is truly how it was. I love love love my parents (now deceased) but breaking this ‘thing’ is essential in my life.

I am writing this off the cuff to help each of you avoid making these same mistakes. I have not arrived but this whole thing about guilt is being exposed in the light of the finished work of the cross. And, it feels so good. 

Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. (Hebrews 10:22)

I draw near to God, who through His Son has freed me from guilt and condemnation. The lack that I have inside myself, those places of lack that are like giant voids in my being, are there because I don’t believe or refuse to accept the fact that Christ is full in me. I am enough in Him. He is all in me. It is tempting to work up our lives to compensate for the fact that things are not happening or life is not going the way it should be but that is not the way to go. Not at all. 

Guilt - The Heart 
His life flows through me, always revealing to me His perfection, flowing through my desert places, those places of deep voids and depths of woundedness that still exist for all of us, no matter how old we get in life.
The anecdote for guilt for me  - STOP – stop trying to make it work. Stop trying to make people want to do things. Stop trying and rest, be still, and listen. It works for me and establishes me on a strong foundation of peace. Now, that is not saying that it won’t rise up again and I will be tempted to buy someone out in some way through guilt. It may happen. The answer is to focus on the reality of the finished work of the cross, realizing that He has done it all for us. Guilt and condemnation has been nailed to the cross and we are free. There is NO condemnation (or guilt) for those who are IN Christ Jesus. That’s me. And you. 


tisdag 3 december 2013

Sweden as a Lighthouse


Sweden as a Lighthouse

7 March 2011
by Jennifer Rossbach

I had this vision as I was praying of a strong fortress which represented the structures and institutions in Sweden that have replaced God and our reliance upon Him. I saw how the prayers of the saints have caused this seemingly indestructible fortress to begin to disintegrate from within each brick and they were becoming brittle. As the prayers continued to rise up concerning this fortress it crumbled from within as if it were only chunks of sand piled in to nothing at the end.

I also saw the need for vigilance of prayer to be lifted for those who would be called to help rebuild a new and holy structure with the partnership of the Holy Spirit as the architect. Those who perhaps felt unworthy would be positioned around people of influence to breathe new life in to their hearts and truth would be illuminated so that change could be granted though an open door that no man could shut. Isaiah 45:1.

I sense a profound portion of God’s love being deposited over this nation. As these called individuals care for the hearts of those entrusted to make influential decisions, a new precedent would be set. A reversal of the emphasis on “the system” would be replaced with an emphasis on “the individual”. Hunger to understand the Father’s heart would burn in their hearts.

I see tears of repentance as their eyes were now open to see the errors of the past, yet God's love would not allow them to settle in regret since shame is a tactic the enemy tries to put on the people. Redemption through His love and through His blood releases them from any grip of shame. The enemy cannot continue to steal in this way. Newness is on the horizon!

A beacon of light is being released and I almost see Sweden as a lighthouse guiding and directing the other nations as these other nations encounter chaos. Hope and truth emanate from this light beaming from the Nordic nations... Sweden will be a trustworthy friend to many countries who seek to know the Truth and Sweden’s testimony will shatter the lies the enemy has tried to present through the media on a global scale.

The Lord's love (light) will burn away disillusion (fog) which has kept the people of this world in a state of distraction. Sweden will be a prototype of the Lord's unfathomable love and hope to other countries.