fredag 20 december 2013

The Author of Time

Jewels from Judy: The Author of Time
Judy Bauman

While journaling, I apologized to the Lord for thinking about all I had to do. I had actually stopped writing in my journal so I could make a list of errands. This is what He said:

“Your days are filled with things ‘to do’ and it is good for you to be organized, but remember Who made time. If you want to make the most of what time you’ve been given, come and spend some of it with Me first. I will bless and multiply what you need as I Am the Author of time!

“There are things you do and things that happen which are out of your control, and these steal your time. When you start your day with Me, I can impart My timing, answers and direction. Stop chasing your tail like a silly dog that doesn’t know better! Come and allow Me to take you higher. I will give you what you need for not only this day but also what is needed for the days ahead. I Am a good Abba. I will help you in all your ways; I will direct your path.”


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