söndag 1 juni 2014

Sweden - Time for action‏

Detta är ett profetiskt ord till Sverige från en profetisk förebedjare och god vän i UK som sändes ut den 24 maj 2014. Läs och pröva och behåll det goda:
"At 3 am this morning (21st May) I felt the Lords call to His chosen people in Sweden, those called into places of Kingdom position, the intercessors, prophets, apostles, teachers the ICCC and Watchmen for the Nation.

The Lord has shown me, (which I have shared with those of you who know me), that the Lord has a great purpose for Sweden in the days ahead. In these last days He desires to use your Nation as a place of safety and refuge and to raise up once more a spirit of revival  and restoration.

The deep and rich wells of your heritage which have soaked your land in the anointing of the Holy Spirit by your parents and grandparents and the generations before them who prayed and worshipped and sought the Lord will be released once more.

On one of our visits to your Nation the Lord had us prophetically call for the releasing of those wells and yesterday at a meeting here in the UK the Lord had us pray for Sweden. He reminded me that the oil of the Holy Spirit NEVER runs out and never runs dry and that it was time to pray the releasing again.

As He woke me in night to pray the Lord gave me a picture of you, His people standing together in a large circle praying but the Lord told me that instead of looking in it was time to turn around and LOOK OUT. That UNITY  was the weapon that would overcome and bring victory.

Psalm 15 v 2 says He who DOES righteousness and speaks the truth in his own heart.

As the Lords trumpet call is being sounded it is time to stop talking about unity and to DO IT. Chose to let go of the things that have held back this anointing in your own lives and hearts forgive and recieve healing.

I believe that the Lord is saying that this starts with looking at our own  hearts to see if there is anything within that is a barrier, be it position, title, wounds of offence, self righteousness, it is time to let the Lord of life and the lover of our souls deal with and heal our hearts so that there is no place for the enemy to gain a stronghold. Search me Lord and know my heart.

As I saw the circle of people turning to face outwards, the Lord was showing me that it would take  eyes off each other and see the real enemy,  no longer on the walls but at the gates of your nation.

The warning bells were being rung but that as you looked inward you were able to see each others faults and others were able to see yours and this caused a divisional split, but, when you looked out you were facing the enemy and protecting each others backs.

I heard the Lord say it was time for the Watchman to stand at the gates and to take up their rightful places and to sound the alarm.
My prayer was that each of you would hear the ringing in your hearts and know the Lords call and purpose for you and your nation in the days ahead.

The Lord has been impressing on my heart for a while now that the cities of refuge were for the natives (Children of Israel) and the foreigner, but He showed me that as the foreigner came into the land of Israel they were be influenced for good by the people of the nation that they were to know and worship the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac and were not to set up false altars.

The heritage of your forefathers in the Lord should be the foundation and inheritance that the strangers coming into your land should be influenced by and be blessed with, and while this may "fly in the face" of political correctness it is not said in judgement but so that Gods love can rise up set people free and release His glory into the nation.

Ephesians 6 One New Man Bible:
From now on you must right away become strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS strength. You must continually be clothed with the full armour of God to enable you to stand against the strategies of the devil because the wrestling for us is NOT with blood and flesh but with the rulers with the powers with the world rulers of this darkness with the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies.

As always please test this word with the Spirit of truth and forgive me if this is not a word in season for your nation, if it is then please do not ignore this call of God for your nation and seek the way in which He would have you move forward.

Every sincere blessing Hils x

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