lördag 12 februari 2011

Ett profetiskt tilltal för 2011

New-Year Prophecy

Received in a Christian congregation in Hallsberg, Sweden
1/1 2011, past midnight

Prophecy given by Thonni Josef Groth

Father Lord, I thank You for Your presence, and I thank You for the company of witnesses that are here today. And we are honoured that You are here today, we are honoured, but most of all we are honoured that the King of Kings is here today. Now by Your authority and by Your command I prophecy to this nation, to the ground that I stand on, that:

See, I AM DOING A NEW THING (1), I am doing a new thing, for I am the Lord thy God, and nothing is impossible for me. And in this day and age I will speak a fresh word, a new song and a new tone will be played, and no marching band will play it for it is no marching tone, but it is the fresh waters of the Temple (2) that will flow from the temple of God, that will flow from Israel, and will flow from the temples of the world where My Name is Holy and healed in esteem, and held in purity in the hearts of those who have been faithful. And I shall blow forth (3) trough people in many nations in this day, and they shall gather in the nations, and they shall make music, they shall make music, new music and a new tones (4). And new colors shall arrive that the world has not seen, and men shall be amazed, and they shall say what is this? And I shall Say I Am, I Was and I Will Come, for I Am the Same; I Am YHWH (5), I AM YHWH, I am the Lion of Judah says The Lord God. And I Am doing a new thing in this nation, (I (6) call for healing, healing, healing for this nation, healing for this nation, healing for this nation, healing for all the brokenness, healing upon the broken families, the broken relationships, healing, healing), for I have died and My death is enough, My blood is enough, for this nation and this nations sins says The Lord thy God. My healing goes forth this day, and I will call this nation to be a great light in the darkness, for the Vikings will arise from this nation; the Vikings will arise from this nation and the Light will brake forth with healing in the nation for there has been division in this nation, but We will be menders of broken hearts, We will be menders of broken relationships (7), We will be wisdom to those that have no wisdom, for great has been the pain and darkness in this nation, (but you will turn it in to light), I will turn it into light says the Lord (You will turn it in to light), I will turn it into light says the Lord (Yes Lord, You will turn it into light). And a great light this nation will be says the Lord, and we will stand with Denmark, Sweden will stand with Denmark, Sweden will stand with Denmark, (I prophecy to the spiritual world; Sweden will stand with Denmark! And Denmark repent, for ye shall stand with Sweden, your sister calls to you Denmark, drawback to hear, for ye were one and are one in heaven). An a great light shall stand forth in this dark day trough the unity between Sweden and Denmark, and the people of the north will shout again, they will shout again as the Berserkers of the old, but they will shout with passion, with healing, with healing, healing, healing and the healing is His Love, the Agape of Heaven.

I thank You Lord God that Your word has gone out and there have been witnesses, on earth and in heaven, and I thank You for the honour, the honour of speaking Your word. Help us now to take care of Your word, and to allow Your word to bear fruit in our lives, but in my life first so that we might become a manifestation of these words, that our lives as Swedish and Danish Vikings might be lives of healing, the healing of unity, not in any place but in the places where it is possible. So lead us Lord in this day, so that we might be vessels of healing in the nations, in the nations, in the nations. To gather the people together in unity, and to bind threads to the hearts across nations, to draw nations together as boats are drawn together before the storm; for many will stand but few divided will fall, many will stand but few divided will fall, many will stand together but few divided will fall (8). So heal us God to be menders of hearts, to speak hope, healing and forgiveness, and being the prophetic manifestation in the flesh, in the character, in the fruits of that healing ability. Forgive us this day Lord for every wrong word, for all lack of love and forgiveness, in our hearts towards ourselves, towards our families and towards our church. Cleanse us and set our hearts ablaze with a new love, with the peace of Heaven, with the music of Heaven that is love. Crucified where You Lord for this time, we bless You Adonai, and we welcome You to this nation, a new (a fresh), for the seasons are changing and the season has changed; Revival day is here!

1. Isaiah 43:18-19
2. Ezekiel 43
3. ”I will give a signal for them to come together because I have rescued them. And there will be as many as ever before.” Zak 10:8, Contemporary English Version
4. Psalm 33:3
5. Yahweh
6. When text is in brackets ( ) it is intercession and proclamation for, and over, the nation.
7. Malachi 4:5-6
8. Ecclesiastes 4:12

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