måndag 10 juni 2013

Ett profetiskt ord till Sverige på nationaldagen

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Som alla profetiska ord, skall också detta tilltal prövas. Guds välsignelse! Barnabas

Ett profetiskt ord till Sverige på nationaldagen

My prophetic word for Sweden today. I felt the heart of God calling Sweden and Scandinavia to PREPARE for the move of God that is coming to this land. Sweden is on the heart of God and is a country He is targeting for a move of God. The Swedish flag is blue with a gold cross. I saw the blue representing an open, free heaven and the gold cross as the Son of Righteousness, yellow reflecting the color of the sun. Key scriptures I got were Gen 28:12-19. This is where Jacob has a dream and sees a ladder reaching into the heavens with angels ascending and descending. God promised to give him the land on which he was lying. God is giving the land to the Swedish Christians who stand in prayer upon it. God will carefully watch over His word to perform it. Jacob declares, "This is the gateway to heaven!" He then pours oil over a stone.

Sweden will be as an open heaven with angels ascending and descending. It will be as a gateway to heaven because of the body of Christ here. I felt in my spirit that Sweden will be known as the Land of the Open Heaven. I also saw the Sun of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings. God's heart desires to pour out a healing and restoration revival in Sweden. Key scripture is Mal 4:2. The key is reverently fearing God's name. Then the last part with Jacob anointing the rock with oil. Key verse: Mat 25: 1-13.

I saw three parts to this: 1. extra oil. 2. Be prepared. 3. Relationship. The wise virgins had extra oil with their lamps. They were PREPARED for the Lord's coming. Part of this preparation was that they were in RELATIONSHIP with the Lord and had extra oil stored up. God is calling Sweden to PREPARE for what God is about to do and to be sure to cultivate their intimacy with God. The church must cultivate and be full of fresh oil. God wants a first love fire to burn in our hearts for Him.


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