fredag 23 augusti 2013

God´s goovernement on earth

Glenn H. Jackson

God has given all power to His Son, Jesus Christ both in heaven and on earth. He is the King of kings. 

One night some weeks ago as God woke me up to pray, Lord Jesus said to me: I have been given all power and authority on earth, but i can not rule there, as my government is not coming together to execute my decisions on earth! He said He has given His five ministers: apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers, but they don’t even understand who they are or that they should come together to seek my will and to lead things so that they will take place in your nations on earth!

He said look at your nations, your governments are gathering, every minister from their governing field, coming together to negotiate and seek how to do things. He said even the antichrist is gathering his government in Europe… but Mine is not understanding and hearing my call and purposes how to do things according My order…

He said, the decisions are made in heaven, by His Father and Himself with the 24 elders there, but them to be done on earth, He needs His goverment to do it’s part in leading. Your nations are ruled by governments so that things are taking place in good order. He said He has many things He wants to do on earth, but there is not His order in His churh to execute His will, everyone is scattered and do as they think is best in their own field. 

He said, there is a stumbling block in this; earthly governments are chosen by people in democratic way, but in His Kingdom He is the One who has chosen His officers, the fivefold ministers. Epf. 4:11 says that He gave some to be apostles, some prophets and so on. People wants to choose leaders by themselves and they have chosen those who have spoken according their pleasures and paid attention to them. But He said there is a change coming to this, He is going to rise up those He has chosen and call them together to seek Him and to lead His kingdom on earth. We need eyes to see what He is doing, ears to hear and heart to understand His will in order this to take place. This is going to separate those whose who’s eyes, ears and hearts are towards God and heaven from those towards people and world!


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