torsdag 26 november 2015

Hissa segel

Från Lana Vawser.


This morning I had a vision where I saw sailing boats and they were in the midst of the storm. They were being blown around by the wind and the waves. There was such turbulence around these ships, and at times they felt like they were going to get ‘tipped’ over and just when they hit “steady seas”, another wind and wave rose up and began to cause more turbulence.
The thing I noticed about a lot of these boats was that they were DEEPLY anchored. So even though the wind and waves were blowing and rising up around them, the anchor was in the depths and wasn’t going anywhere.
In the midst of this vision I sensed the Lord saying “Many are experiencing the wind and waves of circumstances and what they enemy is bringing into their lives to attempt to tip them and sink them. The thing is, as they have gone deeper into Me as their anchor they are SECURE IN ME. The wind and the waves are LIES. They are SMOKE AND MIRRORS attempting to cause My people to believe that they are about to be overcome. This is a lie! As they are anchored in Me, even though they feel ‘shaken’, they are NOT being MOVED. My people are not to look the ‘smoke and mirror’ wind and waves but to look to Me, for the turbulence is simply an indicator that they are about to take new ground, more ground and move into new territory, higher heights and deeper depths with Me and in Me.”
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