onsdag 28 juni 2017

Predikningar med Ern Baxter

Lyssna på tre predikningar här:

David Orton, Lifemessenger http://lifemessenger.org/ skriver:

Introducing W. J. Ern Baxter (1914-1993)
"Ern's teaching is as current today as it was 30 years ago, if not more so. His word penetrates the root issues of contemporary culture; it provides a foundation in biblical orthodoxy for the victory of Christ in history; and casts a vision for the increase of God's government in the world."

"Having pastored the largest evangelical church in Vancouver, Canada, for 25 years, and serving as a key leader in the Healing Revival and then as an influential teacher in the Charismatic Renewal, Ern brought a unique blend of Reformed theology and charismatic experience"

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