fredag 23 mars 2007


My beloved one, do not think it strange all the distractions I have taken out of your life. It was too easy for you to avoid and turn your head away from that which I am bringing your attention to focus on.Yes, My Beloved it has been hard and I have heard your every cry. I have even given you the voice of My Holy Spirit to utter and moan that which you have no words for. I have constantly reminded you not to look at the circumstances and the high waters that have surrounded you.Yes it seems overwhelming and at times you have thought it would swallow you up. It has felt heart wrenching and you have felt the attack of the mind.

You have remained faithful in all of this as each step and each time you have fallen because of your weakened knees,and you have reached the end of your own strength and called for My Strength. Though the time seems to drag on I reassure you this day that a great and mighty thing I have prepared in the wing of your life is about to break forth and transpose your current situation and excruciating pain into the higher level of My peace, My joy, My purpose and My plans that I am setting before you.You are obedient My Child. I have heard ever cry, every moan, every guttural shout. I have captured every tear. I have seen every move, every fall, every secret thing. I have heard the silent things of you too.

But know this day Child that I am releasing this new season in your life that will take you to higher places where I will make your foot sure in it's place. I will lay everything out before you so you will not even wonder or guess that it is from Me. You will know in all surety that it I am guiding you because you have kept your eyes on Me as your help, your strong tower, your everything. What can man do to you because I am with you! Girding your loins, I am showing you now that I am the lifter of your head, I am the author of your life. Lean, lean, lean on Me still. Pass your own understanding, beyond all you can think and ask, into My faithfulness, in My power and deeper in My Love.Now. Stand. Now. Faith. Now. You will see.

My guidance and instructions are being placed before you. Be Quiet, be still, the vision, the dream will reveal in part. My Wisdom I reveal to you as you stay in Me. I am in control. I love you. My Love never fails. Love Me. Just Love Me. Love Me More. Closer and deeper and higher I take you. You will see from My point of view. Live in My love; My arms are around you. I am all around you. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Now stand, My beloved!The battle is Mine and I have overcome the world! Now, love Me more."

This word is submitted by Paula Kay
16 mars 2007

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