onsdag 2 december 2009

“After The Fire”

“After The Fire”- A Prophetic Word

By the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow

Oh how you fear the purifying fire of conviction!
It is as if you think that I might truly do something unloving to burn you or disfigure you!

I am a God of fire! Yes! But a HOLY fire! A fire that burns away wood, hay, and dead scraps lying around in your heart. They are littering the places that I want to bring My Glory into!

When My Fire pursues you it drives away any voice or lust or any other enemy of your soul!
You will come to a place where you no longer need to have the splash of fanfare or the rumblings of the earth to know that I Am in your presence!
The Fire brings you to a place just like it did Moses!
He saw My Holy Fire in a bush on a hill. I spoke to Him and told Him He was on HOLY ground!

I was a still, small voice, speaking out from inside of a fire!
Listen! I am calling out to you! Be quiet! Silence the noise around you! Get quiet with Me, Put away the busyness that you get caught up into!

After the “Fire a still small voice.
1Kings19: 12

My passion Fire is calling out to You!
I have things I want to whisper into your Spirit Man! I have words that will sustain you through all of the fiery trials and tests you will inevitably pass through!

If you want the Fire of God to be evident in your service to Me, Listen to My still small voice.
It will in turn resound like a roaring ocean to those whom you will minister to.

O Lord of hosts,
How blessed is the man who trusts in You!”

Trust. The issue that everyone on earth deals with day in and day out.
Putting your trust in things that last for only a season or a few years can be very risky and very disappointing. I have told My people to trust in ME with ALL of their heart and I will make their paths straight. Yet- continually they put their trust in people, and idols made of gold, (money)
positions of power, and in themselves!

Lasting blessings can only come from trusting in Me.
The real issue is that you don’t really think that I will do what I say I will do!
So... You take it into your own hands! When you finally lay down your need to control the universe and those all around you and trust in Me, then you will be blessed! Blessed with safety, peace of mind and above all, blessed by My pleasure in your resting in My plan.

“See to it that you do not refuse HIM who is speaking!”
Hebrews 12:25

Do you know how many times you have said to Me, “Later! I will do it Later?”
You exhort others to obey quickly and yet you will drag your feet
and put Me off until you “feel” like following through!

Do not refuse Me when I speak to you or when I send you to do something in My Name! You might fear for your own reputation, but a life could be hanging in the balance! You do not have the luxury of “denying your King!”

If you wish to be caught up into higher dimensions in My Spirit,
And, if you long for the deep that calls unto deep, be faithful to ACT when I give you a command!

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