onsdag 30 oktober 2013

Ny bok, "Jewels from the River"


Judy Bauman fick jag kontakt med via Internet för många år sedan och vi har blivit vänner. Judy har en stark kärlek till Jesus, och nu vill hon dela med sig av det hon själv fått erfara i vandringen och relationen med Honom i en nyutgiven bok. 

Så här skriver förlaget om boken:

In her new book, Jewels from the River Judy A. Bauman invites readers to join Jesus along the ‘river,’ to walk and talk with Him. The author emphasizes that God is not a respecter of persons, meaning His love is available to all who desire it and that a personal relationship with Him is possible. In fact, He extends His hand to those that truly pursue Him. This book originated in and chronicles one person’s struggle to seek the Father’s will amidst chaos.

“These encounters with the Lord are shared with the hope that readers will take away, not only a sense of awe for God, but also a personal revelation of what Jesus meant when He calls us His friends,” states the author. “When we encounter Jesus, it will forever change our life.”

Judy Bauman is a speaker, writer, ordained minister and the founder and president of The Father’s Love International Ministries, Inc. Her mandate is to teach the Word of God and bring the healing power of the Father’s love to the nations. It has been vital to her as a missionary to hear and receive God’s direction. She shares her struggles as well as her triumphs with her readers in her book, “Jewels from the River.”

Boken kan beställas här:

Judy: At the beginning of the spiritual encounters, I call "Jewels from the River" I asked the Lord why He was sharing these visual parables with me in this manner. He shared this exhortation:

Word from the Lord About Jewels from the River

“I Am gathering My Church to the River. I Am bringing those who will lay aside their feelings of insecurity and enter into a new realm of joy! I Am releasing joy! I Am releasing promises. All of My promises are “Yes in Christ” so the Church will come into alignment with My will and say "Amen" to their Father’s glory. “Stand and behold the City of your God! Stand and behold the glory of your risen King! Honor your King by receiving My joy and My promises because in Me you live and move and have your being. In Me you have everything you need. If you look to the kingdoms of this world, you will have what this world offers. However, if you look to the Kingdom of your God, you will never be disappointed because nothing is lost in My presence. Take hold of My joy. Take hold of My promises. I Am with you wherever you go.”
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