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En särskild tid för Skandinavien

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"An Appointed Time for Scandinavia"

Kevin Basconi, Moravian Falls, NC
August 24, 2015 
Doors Are Actively Opening!

Recently while I was ministering in Sweden and in Finland, I experienced an amazing vision
based upon Revelation chapter 4:

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this."

John said, "Behold, and I saw a door opening in Heaven." There was a door actively opening. You see, God is a God of times and seasons; they are called moeds in the Scripture. In Genesis 1, the Bible says God set the sun and the moon into the skies for times and seasons (verse 14); moeds. God had appointed times.

The Book of Revelation says there was a door actively opening in Heaven. It's the type of door that moves one way then the other. Some doors only open one direction. Some doors open and close in both directions. That's how the windows of Heaven work. At God-ordained times the windows and doors of Heaven are actively opening! I believe that there is a door that is actively opening for revival in Scandinavia right now!  

(Photo by Robert Bartow "The Open Door" via, foto borttaget av copyrigtskäl)

The Book of Malachi declares that God will open up the windows of Heaven (3:10). You see, these eternal windows are actively opening now in Scandinavia. Sometimes in heavenly places there are doors and windows that are "opening." Until the doors and windows of Heaven open, God will not release the fullness of His blessing upon a people or geographical region.

In Deuteronomy 28:12 God says, "I will give to you My good treasure of the heavens." God opens up the heavens to pour out rain in season to bless a land, to bless the Kingdom, to bless a nation. It's the same principle we see in Revelation 4:1: "I saw a door opening in Heaven."

There are seasons when God opens doors, and there are seasons when God closes the doors. God can also release blessings to you as He opens the heavens over your life. So God releases His blessings in places where the heavens are open. He pours out His blessing when the doors and windows of Heaven are open over a person, a people group, a region, or even a nation at appointed times
You see, when the doors and windows of Heaven open over an individual or open over a ministry, or the doors and windows open over a nation, there is a season released when God pours out His grace and His blessings upon those places at the appointed time

A Vision of Heaven Opening... Over Scandinavia

In 2001 I was in Botwood in Newfoundland, Canada, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, "Kevin, I want you to read from Revelation chapter 4."
So I read, "I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven" (verse 1). I'm lying on a bed of these people's home, and the Holy Spirit said, "Kevin, say the words out loud: 'Behold, I looked, and I saw a door standing open in Heaven.'" And I read the Scripture. The Holy Spirit said, "Say it again." He said it seven times. On the seventh time, I said, "Behold, I looked..." and all of a sudden I heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind!
And I looked up and the ceiling of the room disappeared. I could see Heaven. The sound of a mighty rushing wind intensified, becoming extreme loud! As I looked I saw a fireball streaking from Heaven directly at me. It was about eighteen inches in circumference and was moving at the speed of sound. Suddenly the fireball came through the roof and exploded into my solar plexus (the pit of the stomach).  
(Photo by Jennifer Page "Brush of Angels Wings" via foro borttaget av copyrigtskäl))

Instantly I was taken up through a window of Heaven. I was launched out of my body. I continued to rise higher and higher until I could see the lights of Newfoundland far below me. Then I could see the lights of Canada far below. I ascended higher and higher until I could see the curvature of the earth. And I saw the sun begin to arise in the east.
I saw the sun rise over Scandinavia.

That was fourteen years ago. I saw the sun rising over the nations of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Baltics. Back in 2001 in this supernatural vision, I saw the glory of God pouring out upon Scandinavia. I saw the glory of God begin to pour out on Norway. I saw the glory of God begin to pour out on Finland and across the whole region. And I knew that a mighty revival was coming to Scandinavia.

I declare that Sweden is at a moed. Sweden is at a God-ordained crossroads. Sweden is at a hinge of history, what you might call an eternal crossroad! As I was praying in Stockholm on August 12, 2015, I had a vision of Heaven. I saw God the Father speaking. He was speaking from His throne of mercy and grace. He was speaking over Scandinavia.
I saw the earth shake and tremble. I saw Scandinavia shake and tremble. I saw Sweden shake and tremble. I saw Stockholm shake and tremble. I saw the glory of God being poured out again like I had witnessed in 2001, just like I saw in the vision fourteen years ago.
I saw the glory of God being poured out on Scandinavia. I witnessed what appeared to be a mighty supernatural tornado of fire; a mighty fiery tornado of revival. It covered all of Scandinavia. And the very tip of the fire, the very tip of revival touched down (just like an earthly tornado) in several regions starting fires of revival! (Photo via Wikimedia)

 Some places received it, and the fire of God was poured out and the glory of God manifested! In other places the heavenly fire tried to set down, but it was not received. When this happened it lifted and moved to hover over other cities and regions. I saw it move over to Norway; and then on to Finland; and on to another part of Sweden. It went to the Baltic's. It went to Latvia, and then to Estonia, and then it set down on Moscow. There a great army covered with the Blood of Jesus arose! It was a new Red Army!
Are You Ready to Receive It?

My question for you is: if God is ready to pour out revival in Scandinavia and beyond, who is ready to receive it? Who is ready to honor it? There are things that God has preordained for Scandinavia. There are things that God has preordained for each nation there to walk in. God loves the nation of Sweden. There is a destiny upon Sweden and all of Scandinavia.
These can be some of the most prosperous, some of the most powerful, and some of the most fruitful times of Scandinavia; some of the most fruitful times for the Church in this region. And I believe that the Spirit of the Lord is looking for those who will receive the moed, who will receive the appointed time, who will position themselves to receive this approaching move of God. (Photo via Wikipedia)

I believe this revival can manifest at any time between now and 2018; it's that time. And someone needs to pray; someone needs to receive it; someone needs to birth it in intercession; someone needs to count the cost; someone needs to cry out for revival in Scandinavia!

Kevin Basconi
King of Glory Ministries International


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