fredag 9 oktober 2015


Ett profetiskt ord förmedlat av Lana Vawser,


by lanavawser
This morning I felt the Lord's heart for those who are walking through deep painful stretching processes right now. 
"I felt the Lord saying that there are ENCOUNTERS WITH HIS POWER that are going to happen in the midst of your 'process' right now as you STAY POSITIONED. I saw encounters with the power of God for many across the body of Christ as they refused to 'cave' under the pressure, and these encounters with His power were like a defribulator. It was bringing hearts back to life, it was bringing revival in hearts, it was seeing deliverance happen in hearts and lives. It was seeing a shock of HOPE and EXCITEMENT for what the Lord is going to do, released. Not only will dreams come back to life in hearts, but with fresh vision and the Lord will add new 'elements' and 'layers' to these dreams in the heart of His people through these encounter with His power. In the encounters with His power, there is a great awakening that will happen in hearts to the heart of God like never before. Where hearts have been 'out of sync' with what the Lord is doing or saying, or fear has caused hearts to move away from the heart of God or His dreams for their lives, suddenly they will be shocked by His power and love into life and back into rhythm with His."

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