söndag 11 november 2007

Riding On Wings With Me

Riding On Wings With Me

Take your eyes of your circumstances. Take your eyes off others. Take your eyes off other's circumstances that are all around you. Keep your eyes wholly on me and I will lift you up to ride on the winds as an eagle with Me. Up here where I AM, above all the dross; and everything that would distract you from being in My presence. Come, draw closer. I would so hold you tenderly. I will give you eagles's eyes to see. But you have to keep your eyes upon Me. Draw near unto Me that I may anoint your eyes to see as I see...ride on the wings of these winds that I blow.

That I am blowing across the land. Your land; all the land. Fear not the fire. Welcome the fire, though it hurts. Though it bringsforth tears. Be not afraid to shed forth the tears, for I change them into tears of joy, yes, and songs of praise shall come forth like fountains from your lips. Out of your innermost belly. Because you understand that I am touching your sore spots. I am touching those points that hurt,that I may deal with your emotions, and deal with your strengths. That I am purge them, purify them, cleanse them. That I may fill more of Myself within you. And together we shall ride on those winds. And those winds ...I AM blowingthose winds. And if you are riding with Me you will not feel the heat or the judgement that comes with the winds that I am getting ready to blow.

But they shall lift you up instead, and empower you to do and say MyFather's perfect will, that He wills to be done. So,lift up your hearts. I AM MIGHTY in the midst of you! trust Me! My Beloved Bride.

I have waited so long to hold you...and see you standing at My side.Dressed in your wedding garments. in the beauty that I have given you beauty for ashes, and standing with the authority, the full authority of a crowned queen beside My side. How I longed for this moment. Be not afraid.

Be not afraid. Trust Me...trust Me! Even as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and even as a hen is pleased with her chicks...I am pleased as I see you drawing closer, in love and compassion...in repentance and honesty towards and before one another..and even nakedness. It pleases Me and I delight in you. As you arelearning to delight and trust and love and help each other and oneanother..even as if I were in the midst of you.....you are doing it as unto Me and I am pleased.

This word is submitted by Zoria Martin (martin@four-winds.ca)

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