fredag 29 februari 2008

Dags för sjösättning

An exhortation from the heart of Father to yours:

The Launching

February 22, 2008

This is a time for launching. Many of you have been held in a holding pattern for some time and you have been crying out, "When God, when?!?"

It is like a launching at Kennedy Space Center. Plans are made, but those plans are contingent upon the weather.

The spiritual climate has been turbulent. This is because of the sound of praise and worship emanating from My church. Praise has touched heaven in a personal way. You no longer sing about Me, you sing to Me. As My body has tapped into join the sounds from heaven and exalted My name, the
powers and principalities of darkness and the rulers of evil have been shaken to their core.

Your launching has been delayed by My doing, so do not call what I Am doing "the devil" instead rejoice in Me until the enemy is self-slaughtered.

The enemy expects you to be in panic and react in fear
The enemy expects you to murmur and complain
The enemy seeks to kill what I Am imparting into you


Ø Praise Me when you see the enemy approach
Ø Be thankful and give Me glory for what I Am about to do - for what I Am going to do
Ø Send confusions into the enemy's camp by worshipping Me (See 2 Chronicles 20:1-24)
Ø Take the keys I have given you and go unlock those who have been imprisoned and blinded by the devil.

I Am launching you from this place*, beloved. I have been setting your feet firmly on the Rock. I have been drawing you back as an expert archer. You have thought you were going backwards, but this was not so. I was drawing you back to launch you.

If an arrow from My quiver is chosen to be launched, I Am careful to aim it with the a fully extended bow. I draw back the arrow in the bow string, place it on the notch, and hold it to check the trajectory. I want My arrows to hit the bull's-eye.

So be patient in this process, beloved. You are being launched.

Your heavenly Father
Judy Bauman

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