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The Spirit of Barnabas is About to be Unleashed in the Church

I was asking God, "Why are there so few men and women like Paul today?"
The Holy Spirit gave me an unexpected answer: "Paul would have never fulfilled his call if it were not for Barnabas fulfilling his. I raised up Barnabas for one reason: to promote Paul. I must have a Barnabas before I can release a Paul." There are so few Paul's today because so few want to be a Barnabas. I sensed the Holy Spirit saying, "The Spirit of Barnabas will be unleashed in the Church."

A lot of people overlook the important role Barnabas had in the early Church. It is so amazing to me that Barnabas went and found Paul, then took him to the apostles in Jerusalem. The apostles didn't think Paul would fit in. They were unsure if he was sincere or even saved.
"But Barnabas (went and found him) and took him and brought him to the apostles. He told them how Saul on his journey had seen the Lord and that the Lord had spoken to him, and how in Damascus he had preached fearlessly in the name of Jesus." Acts 9:27

Barnabas bravely broke through their barriers of suspicion and fear to get Paul accepted into the inner circle, convincing them that Paul was "OK" and that he had a lot to offer. Notice that Barnabas didn't just talk to the apostles about Paul, he went and took him to them. Barnabas was the kind of person who saw something of great value and worth in another person and did everything he could to promote that person. That's a seldom seen quality today because the world's tendency is to first promote themselves and then (maybe) others. Plus, Barnabas knew about the amazing experience Paul had on the road to Damascus and he could have easily fell prey to "spiritual jealousy" (thinking "Why didn't I have an encounter like that?"). Instead, Barnabas saw the great potential in Paul and he did a rare thing--he promoted Paul above himself. He purposely promoted Paul's ministry instead of his own.

Paul went on to change history, and you don't read much about Barnabas (as compared to Paul). Paul is mentioned over 180 times in the New Testament. Barnabas is mentioned under 30 times. The Lord Jesus said, "Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house" (Matthew 5:15).
Barnabas saw the light and revelations in Paul and knew that God had great plans for him. He knew that the Church needed to hear from this man of God. Paul was under a bowl and God wanted him to be on a stand so that many could benefit from the light God had given him. Yes, the Scripture tells us that Barnabas also went on to do good things for the Lord, but compared to Paul, he just sort of fades into history. We hate to fade, don't we? Why is that? Maybe because the spotlight is so appealing...

Here's a Question: Who Are You Promoting?
I'm convinced that Barnabas is currently reaping a great reward in Heaven because he was instrumental in getting Paul's ministry started. Yes, it was God who did it, but God uses people. Barnabas listened as the Holy Spirit whispered to him, "Barnabas, go get Paul and take him to the Apostles…" Barnabas could have said, "Well, you know, Holy Spirit, I'm kind of busy trying to get my own ministry going here, and you want me to help him get his going?" That's where the reward is...preferring others above ourselves.
"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." Romans 12:10

God is looking for people to play second fiddle. There are thousands of Pauls ready to do great things in the Church. They have fresh heavenly revelations that will set many free. All they need is a Barnabas. They are not seeking glory or recognition, but they have a message and anointing that will shake the world. Imagine if there never was a Paul. There might not have been, if not for Barnabas.

I wonder what would happen if every pastor (and every minister) would take a day to promote another person's ministry? I believe we would see many Pauls revealed. God has hidden many Pauls in the most unlikely places. I wonder how many Pauls are hidden under a bowl that should be on a stand. In the days to come, the Holy Spirit will be speaking to people like Barnabas to go find Paul. Then watch out: The Pauls will be come forth!

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Anonym sa...

Intressant att notera: Trots att Petrus och de andra apostlarna i Jerusalem levde nära Jesus och hade fått den Helige Ande, förstod de inte att Paulus också hade mött Jesus och var en apostel. Herren lät Barnabas visa det!

barnabas sa...

Tack för din kommentar! Har inte tänkt på det sättet. Kanske är det också så idag att det är från dem vi kanske minst förväntar, eller från det håll vi minst förväntar, som Gud uppenbarar det Han vill säga och göra.
Vi behöver verkligen att alla delar i Kristi kropp fogas samman.
Gud välsigne dig!