lördag 2 februari 2008

Ropa ut din nöd för landet!

Cry Out For The Land

Dwell in My presence, and I will consume you with My love, for I am gathering together My true remnant. I am preparing them to go to the front lines of battle to pull down the strongholds the enemy has set up over lives and communities. Are you willing to stand in the gap for the land? For there are many crying out for mercy and do not know how to seek My face like you do. They don't know how to draw close to Me in the secret place. They need you to travail on their behalf for their breakthrough.

Once again I sound the alarm, for the time is short. You need to be ready and available to fight for the people that I gave My life for. I need you to travail that the lost would come to know Me and love Me and be saved from the wrath to come. Do not be concerned only for those of your household and immediate family--but also for your neighbors, and those you pass by at the store or at work, or wherever you may be.

Yes, the time is short! You don't know how close it is to the time when the gates will be closed that no more may enter into My kingdom. So be ready and available to allow Me to flow through you with My love, and I will give you the words that will pierce the hearts that will cause them to break before Me.

I have been looking for a people who have trusted Me beyond measure. I am looking for a people who are completely sold out to Me who even love not their lives unto death.

This is the day to examine your heart once again to see if you are truly committed to Me; to see if you really made up your mind to follow Me no matter what the cost. For the price of pure gold is a high calling, and it takes going through the fire to be purified. Are you willing to pay the cost to be one of My soldiers?

Yes, this is the day for breakthrough, and through you I will flow with mighty signs and wonders. Do not give up on the vision I gave you years.

For many have gone through the fire and do not see the fruit coming forth that they expected to see. Look past the natural, and look to Me, for I am the author and finisher of your faith. I started the good work, and I will complete it. Everything works for your good, for I am a miracle working God. I am in the process of restoring you, your loved ones, your finances, and all that concerns you.

So lift up your eyes to the heavens and rejoice, for you dwell in the palm of My hand, covered with My love, and with great promises in store for you. You can rest in Me for I care for you, and everything that concerns you. You are My faithful ones, seated with Me at the right hand of My Father, far above all power and principality. Soar with Me as the eagle. Look ahead to the victory for surely you shall overcome!

Yes, this truly is the day I have made and you shall rejoice!

This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard roarnworship@cfl.rr.com

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