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Olivia Reitz Long

Nov 30, 2004

"Then a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and a voice came from the cloud: "This is My Son, whom I love. LISTEN to Him!" SUDDENLY, when they looked around, they no longer saw anyone with them except Jesus." Mark 9:7-8

My Faithful Ones, I have marked your heart, I have lead you in a path unfamiliar to you ... a path reserved for those who have cried out to ME and said "Here am I, use me" - a path reserved for those who have said yes to My call. This path has not been an easy one, but one of preparation and training. A path that has fine-tuned the fruits of the spirit in you and has been making you ready. Even now some are beginning to despise this path but I say unto you "do not" despise this path but praise Me for it as you have received a wealth that could not have been received in any other way! Yes, you have been pressed on all sides but through it all I have prepared you for what is to come. My Glorious Beloved, you are truly blessed above measure!!!

My Faithful Ones, hear the word of the Lord. I am taking you out of your places of obscurity and will 'place you to proclaim' the riches of the truths of the Kingdom of God. You have been faithful with the little and now it is time for you to be given more.

I have nurtured and wooed you, I have set aside that which only you can fulfill. I have protected you and covered you with My feathers. You are My Chosen and no-one can fulfill your calling as it is your calling. You are all different but you shall all work together, for I AM a God of order. I have been your instructor and I will continue to be your instructor and will lead you and guide you in these last days. Take advantage of the days set before you for each day has been set by Me as they have been set in the past.

Haven't I said Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness? You have sought Me and My righteousness is upon you that you may go forth in My Name. There is no time to put off or to tarry on those things I have instructed you. The "suddenly's" are happening. The time has come and the now is for those I have called to come forth. Seek me continuously and the way will be made manifest to you. This is the time to diligently seek My face and instructions will come forth from My lips. Have I not said it, have I not proclaimed it to you? I have sent forth a proclamation on your behalf and it has been sealed with My signet ring, therefore it MUST be done. I have called forth My messengers and decreed all that I have proclaimed and all that I have declared on your behalf and it shall come to pass and be accomplished. Delays have come to an end in My timetable and My Word will be made manifest in ALL ways. Many will be troubled on all sides in the days to come but My Glorious Beloved will stand and My Glory will fill the earth even in the midst of judgment.

The day you have waited for is dawning, it is drawing near. You have waited and waited - now see Me accomplish what seems un-accomplishable. It is from My hand, the giver of all good things! Eye has not seen .... Ear has not heard .... the wonders which I have for you. Wonders that I, your Father and your God has hand picked for each of you. I have been bringing revelation to you as such as not been heard before. I have chosen you and I have prepared you...do not let one morsel slip by or through your fingers. You are chosen and favored by ME....if you could only perceive or realize the Love that I have for you....if you did, then you would know without a doubt that I WILL do and accomplish all I have promised you. Do not give up, continue to be in a state of readiness for you shall ride! I cannot promise the road will be free of thorns or thistles and rocks but I can promise you the ride of your life!

The call is going forth, the shofar is being blown to call My chosen ones together. You are being called to formation, as of an army. Called to assemble, called to listen diligently to your commander in chief. My white horse company standing at attention and at the ready. The stage has been set for the greatest show ever seen to begin. Great and Mighty is the Lord your God and I AM doing great and mighty acts and I AM about to display even greater than any of you could ask or think. Watch as the book of ACTS is played out in these last days. I call you faithful, I call you My very own chosen. Now .... Listen, My Chosen Ones, Listen! Listen very closely.... Listen for surely it comes and suddenly!!!! LISTEN!!!!

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