onsdag 30 april 2008

Mera helanden i Stockholm

Från Bill Johnsons blogg:

Stockholm, Sweden


Our last night in Sweden as we finished the meeting on time in the Cathedral, we didn`t have time to pray for the sick. So as we reached the 9:30 pm deadline, we ushered everyone out of the building into the square down the street to receive prayer. It was a shocking response. Many people lingered and the night was a little cool as we all walked down the cobblestone road to the open square. At the cafe´s on the edges we could see people enjoying their meals and curiously looking on at this instant mob that just showed up. We spent the next hour and a half praying for those who were desperate for a breakthrough in their bodies. We saw some incredible miracles and would hear cheering erupt when a breakthrough was received.

Källa http://www.bjm.org/news/stockholm-sweden.html

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