tisdag 9 september 2008

Får och getter

A Prophetic Exhortation

Dee Hoetmer;
Sept 4-2008

Many of My people who think they are sheep are in reality, goats. Not truly knowing My Spirit or Me they operate in soul hype and never come to the fullness of the stature of My Son. Many of these are presently pastoring churches with a certain level of anointing and yea even miracles for I love to honor the name of My Son but they stay in the shallow pools of My Word and anointing and hence the sheep bleat in harmony with these, thinking all is well. But oh My Beloveds when the storms come, both through the natural and through attacks from the evil one, their roots are in the sand and their roots have not gone down to the bedrock of The Rock! Although it pains My heart I have to allow trails and afflictions so that they are forced to push their roots down as a tree seeking the water table in the midst of a drought, or when the greater storms come these will not withstand.

It is all very well to sing My praises, it is all very well to shout that you are an overcomer and have victory but you have not yet been tried by fire to refine your faith as gold. While it is yet day Beloveds, seek My face AND MY HEART to truly know the heart of The Father, lest you be offended by the trials sent to test you. My trails come to make you stronger that you may withstand the evil day.

Sink your spiritual roots deeper into My living waters. It is not enough to go to church on a Sunday and sing My praises. It is not enough to have touches of My presence; TO WITHSTAND IN THE COMING DAYS YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE MY ANOINTING CONSTANTLY ABIDING IN YOU. The authority, power and anointing you sing about are resident in My over comers. How can you be an over comer if you have not been tried in the fires of affliction and loss of all, including your reputation as Job did. Job truly got to know Me and My heart and My greatness through these very things, therefore Beloveds do not resist, or blame the devil, but praise Me in the days of your troubles that you may truly become My mighty warrior that you sing about with so much gusto!

Oh My children I do love you with an everlasting love but many of you have not even started to plumb My depths. Do not be a goat and resist the goads but as sheep submit to dying to self. IN THE END OF DAYS IT WILL BECOME CLEAR AS TO WHOM HAVE SUNK THEIR ROOTS INTO THE DEPTHS OF MY SPIRIT AND HAVE BECOME SHEEP, WHO ARE TRULY LED OF MY SPIRIT, AND THE GOATS WHO HAVE FOLLOWED THE INSTINCTS OF THEIR OWN SOULS DESIRES and have only puddled in the shallows and have been content with little of Me!

If you truly desire more of Me, spend time beholding Me and you will be changed from strength to strength and from glory to glory. O My little children do not be content with the way things "have always been" ; with the "status quo" of the church but truly seek My face.

Your loving Father.

Dee Hoetmer

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