måndag 22 september 2008

Gear Up And Press In

Det blir mycket profetiska tilltal och annat på enegelska på den här sidan och är det någon som läser som skulle kunna tänka sig att översätta till svenska så skicka ett mail till profetiskt@hotmail.com Hälsningar Barnabas

Gear Up And Press In

I am stirring the gifts that are in you and bringing them forth, and I am using you even through the preparation for greater works to come forth. And through you I will cast down the strongholds as you gather together in My love and unity and purpose.

And yes, this is the day of the outpouring of My glory, and I am taking you from glory to glory. Every step of the way I am purging you with My fire and making you a pure vessel to do My Father's work in the land. And as you lose yourself in My presence, I will engulf you with My love, and I will bring encouragement, and I will bring hope to your heart.

Yes, I will strengthen you. I will even put a new wind in your sails. I will give you clear direction in the way you shall go. Lift your head up high for you are accepted in the Beloved. You are important to Me. You are the apple of My eye, My bride. This is the day to rejoice.

Do not look around at what the enemy is doing to retaliate. He only feels threatened because he has lost much ground. Yes, you are making great strides in Me tearing down his kingdom. Don't give up. Keep pressing in. Keep pushing! The walls are coming down. Great breakthrough is right at the door! Yes, you have an open heaven in the land over every continent, every nation, every town! Let out a mighty shout of victory, for I am coming through!!

What you have experienced is only a minute taste of My glory. The best is yet to come. So get your heart right so I can use you in a mighty way. Humble yourself before My throne of grace, and I will lift you up. I will promote you to higher ranks in My army, and give you greater authority if you will only submit yourself wholeheartedly to My will and My ways.

This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard [roarnworship@cfl.rr.com]

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