lördag 7 november 2009

Evangeliet till Europa

En person som heter Robyn från Sydney, Australien bad för EU-bönesamlingen i Stockholm i Oktober och berättar följande:

"When praying for the Stockholm conference I had the following pictures:
I saw a 'furnace', a large fire- red hot, contained by black metal upright girders. It stood out very starkly in the darkness. I felt it was the intercessors conference. On closer examination the girders were large angels, wearing viking helmets and armour, with swords. They were protecting the fire - Glory of the Lord, from the pressure of the darkness around.
Inside the glory/fire, people are being commissioned to go out to Europe mainly, some to beyond Europe.
I saw a large cross come into the centre of the fire....... People began coming out of the fire, mainly one person at a time, into the darkness. Each had a viking angel on either side of them. Each had a back pack with a metal cross (about 2/3 of their body length) attached behind the back pack. They went out, silently and unobtrusively into the darkness of Europe. They went to different places and erected their crosses in the dark ground. Green emerged from the bases of their crosses and spread out from their crosses. Each of these people had a fire from the Lord in their hearts that kept them alive, and was seen only after they inserted their cross.
I had the impression that somehow as the Gospel had followed the Viking trade routes to reevangelise Europe in time past (?700-800s AD). That the Lord was going to do this again with His people.
God bless you both, and the conference. Do with this whatever you feel the Lord leads you, whatever is helpful.
Love Robyn"

Kjell Sjöberg skrev en bok som heter "Andliga vikingar" och hade en vision om att evangeliet skulle tas från Sverige till Europa. Kanske är du som läser detta en av de "andliga vikingar" som Herren vill använda för att återevangelisera Europa?