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My Feelings About Prayer

My Feelings About Prayer

Many of My children have no concept of how powerful prayer is intended to be. They think of it as presenting a wish-list before Me in hopes that I might grant a few of their requests. They don't realize that prayer, activated by faith, can move Mountains. It is a powerful tool that I have given you to use for My glory, to accomplish My purposeson this earth.

When My Son walked this earth, He lived a life of prayer, and He taught on prayer. He said that when two of you agree together [in accord with My will] in prayer about anything you ask for, I will do it for you [1].He also said that if you have faith when you pray, believing that I will answer your prayer, that I will [2]!

My Son was not lying; He was speaking forth My truth. It was true then,and it is still true today. I am a God Who delights to answer the prayers of His people...providing they do not pray amiss. I don't respond to prayers of doubt and wavering [3].

I don't respond to selfish and carnal prayers that do not take My will and My plans and My purposes into consideration. But I do respond to prayers of faith, and I greatly desire that type of prayer from you. I want you to be confident that you can approach My throne [4] and make your requests known to Me. I want you to truly believe that I will hear you and not push you away.

At the same time, I want your prayers to be in align with My will, not selfish or carnal, but full of life and led by My indwelling Holy Spirit. Do you remember how My Son prayed just before He faced the cross? He told Me what His will and His desire was on this matter. But then He agreed to lay His will aside for Mine [5]. There will be times in your life when you must do the same, and I will make those times clear to you.

However, I want you to truly believe that I do desire to give you the desires of your heart [6], whenever that is possible. I delight to give good gifts to My children [7], and I want your joy to be full. I want to be invited into a situation, to transform it and to work My glory in it. I love bringing My light into great darkness, and I enjoy working miracles that will make men marvel and that will bring great glory to My name.

I am the God of the impossible, and I am a God who hears and answers the prayers of His people [8]. I want you to be mindful of that when you pray, so that your prayers will be full of faith. I want you to pray prayers that move My heart and that move My hand. I want to show My glory and demonstrate My great love to you; I want to answer your prayers. So, dear one, believe who I am. Believe what I have said to you over and over again--both in My written word and in My prophetic word. Stop praying prayers of doubt and begin praying prayers of faith. Pray with the expectation that I will indeed hear and answer your prayer, and I will!

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