måndag 28 maj 2012

Israels preminärminister håller bibelstudier


I december förra året skrev Jerusalem post att premiärminister Netanyahu skulle hålla bibelstudier i sitt hem, och nu har de kommit igång. Så här citeras han:

"And Netanyahu made clear what the message was: “Ben-Gurion and Begin believed that the Bible should be the heritage of the entire nation – secular and religious, young and old, men and women. The Bible is the foundation of our existence. It unites the Jewish people, as it has throughout the generations. It also serves not only as a foundation but also as a map and compass,” he said.

“The Bible is always relevant vis-à-vis today’s problems and challenges. It inspires, it is a source of life for our people and I think that it is important to expand Bible study and love of the Bible among all parts of the nation."

Läs hela artikeln i Jerusalem Post här:

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