söndag 24 maj 2015

En ny typ av ledare


" … in obscurity God prepared a man, David, who in the fullness of time would receive the kingdom. Likewise today — the kingdom is being taken from Saul-leaders and given to a Davidic company prepared by God. There is a shift right now from human to divine leadership. And just as David submitted to wilderness preparations, experiencing many perplexing dealings, so too this emerging company. Their hearts of pride and self-sufficiency have been humbled and broken through life's experiences. And, like David, they are currently sensing the stirrings of imminent destiny fulfilment, inquiring of the Lord: "Is this the time to go up ... ?" (1 Sam 2:1). Timing and spiritual precision is of the essence. Unlike Moses and Saul, who both ran ahead of God, David submitted himself to God’s perfect timing for kingdom advancement.

David was a `processed' man. He had been through the deep heart searchings and brokenness necessary for true spiritual leadership in the kingdom. In the fullness of time God drew him out of the "valley of the shadow of death" raising him to the throne"

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