söndag 24 maj 2015


Här kommer en fortsättning på den profetiska ordet  "Interference in the airways" som publicerades här på bloggen den 22 maj, se: http://profetiskt.blogspot.se/2015/05/interference-in-airwaves.html


"Yesterday I posted a word about "interference in the airways" and the opposition and "static" many have been experiencing. The Lord was encouraging His people to NOT CHANGE THE CHANNEL, hold tight, because many are moving into a NEW CHANNEL.
This morning the Lord was speaking to me again about "airwaves" and "broadcast" and I heard the Lord and it sounded like He was speaking over a radio and He said "Tune in, Tune in, Tune in, this is a heavenly broadcast.. JEREMIAH 33:3"

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’
I saw many crying out to Him "in the static" and the "static" was bringing such a discouragement and despair. It was then I sensed the Lord saying "Look closer, look from where you are seated above". Suddenly it was as if I was above the static looking down on it and in the middle of the static I could see a "springboard"."

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