torsdag 4 juni 2015

Bed och välsigna istället för att peka finger

Från ett utskick från Kristna ambassaden i Jerusalem, ICEJ:

"I want to share an encouraging word regarding the power of prayer!

The most commonly used word for prayer in the Hebrew Bible is palal. It is a powerful word which can be translated as prayer or intercession, but also ‘to judge’ or ‘to decree judgment’. The first few times it used in the Bible reveals already the powerful, transformative effects of prayer.

In Genesis 20, Abraham prays for King Abimelech and he is healed and his life is spared. In other words, the prayer of one man prevented a shift of power in Abimelech’s kingdom.
In Deuteronomy 9:20, Moses intercedes for Aaron after he built the golden calf. God determined judgment for Aaron, but Moses’ prayer changes his fate and he lives for another 40 years – giving priestly leadership to an entire nation."

Läs hela artikeln här:

där det också finns bönepunkter

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