tisdag 10 januari 2017

A Comeback Year : Jane Hamon

A Comeback Year: Jane Hamon

You crown the Year with Your goodness, And your paths drip with abundance.
Psalms 65:11

Each year I, like many other prophetic people, take time to listen to the Voice of God specifically to hear what His heart is for a new year, or a new season. I believe the purpose of this is to gain an understanding of God’s heart and purpose so that we can properly position ourselves in prayer and in perspective, standing ready to work with Him to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. In this Hebrew year 5777, it is a year of covenant blessing, a year of contending for favor and a year of new spiritual wells of refreshing springing forth. The symbol for 7 in Hebrew resembles a sword, or a vav (that which connects heaven and earth) with a crown on top of it. This is a crowned Year of God’s goodness….our paths will drip with abundance!

Resten av det profetiska ordet kan du läsa här:

där du även kan lyssna på Jane Hamons presentation av det

I den svenska översättningen av bibeln står versen ovan som vers 12 i Psaltaren 65

"Du kröner året med ditt goda, dina spår dryper av rikedom."

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