tisdag 23 maj 2017

Jubla du ofruktsamma!

Sing O Barren ~ For You Shall Break Forth!

By Rodney W. Francis

Isaiah 54:1-5 presents to all Christians a mighty challenge to "ENLARGE the place of their tents" - to increase in the realm of experience - to see God use us each one in dynamic ways to the glory of Jesus and the extension of His Kingdom.
God has a work for every person. GOD HAS A WORK FOR YOU!
I believe these few verses reveal to us the reason why so many are unfruitful in the Christian experience: too many are living in a state of barrenness - Spiritual barrenness! ("Barren" means "to be rooted, sterile, dry, bereaved"). This makes the spirit of such a person to be sorrowful, depressed, cast down. It robs one of the spiritual liberty and joy which is so rightfully ours.

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