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To My Weary Saints: A love letter from Abba

To My Weary Saints: A love letter from Abba

Judy A Bauman

“The continual bombardment of wicked and deprived news has caused many of My people to grow weary in well doing. Some have allowed their words to become as bitter springs instead of living water. This should not be.

“Remember, the water I give will be as a well springing up to eternal life! The water I give is to flow from your innermost being as rivers of living water. This life-giving water is to be shared with a parched world.

“Have I not spoken through My word that there will be perilous times? Do not allow your love to grow cold, dear ones. Your adversary relishes the thought of any of My bought and paid for saints turning from Me and following him. Many of My children have been and are being persecuted, and some wonder why I have abandoned them when I am actually right by their side. Like Job and his friends, they listen to the reasoning of their own minds to explain why someone is suffering.

“If you want to avoid spiritual drought, then you need to drink from My living waters and not run to the world for your information. Don’t drink from tainted waters and expect to stay healthy. They are continually fed by streams filled with death and destruction. If you drink from their deadly waters, this will be all you can see. You will not be able to see and rejoice in the glorious and miraculous things I Am doing all around the world.

“Beloved, be the cool refreshing drink to those around you who don’t have My words hidden in their hearts. Be the ones who bring light into the darkness and sprinkles salt on the tasteless, decaying ones who so desperately need salvation and deliverance. Do not grow weary in well doing, My child. In due season you will, you will, you will reap a harvest if you faint not.”
Your loving

Scriptures to Ponder:
Matthew 24:10-12; 21; John 4:14; 7:38; Job 4:1-9; 1 Peter 5:8; James 3:10-12; Gal 6:9

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