torsdag 12 juli 2007



I see you waiting in My presence, eager for Me to show up.
I will show up, just keep pressing in.
I will show up at the appointed time and
I will show you great and marvelous things.

You are not alone.
I promised that angels are round about you;
in due time I will open up your eyes for you to see them.
You will not only see them, but you will hear them also.
You will receive sudden impartations to propel you into your destiny--
stony ground will become smooth as you press into Me.

Mantles are being prepared for My glory,
but remember it isn't about you...
it's about all those you will touch for My kingdom.
I'm preparing you for My glory
and this will require complete and total trust in Me.

You feel like you are burned out like a tire;
but you are not to Me.
It's the perfect condition,
where your will is submitted to Mine,
where your only input will be your willingness to obey Me.

The glory dam is about to overflow
and you will be filled with My glory, for My glory.
Come, I'm waiting for you. Don't be afraid, for I'll never leave you nor forsake you.
Launch out into the deep..
together we will walk this out.

This word is submitted by Ethel Semeler

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