tisdag 9 oktober 2007

Himmelens regn

Pouring Forth

I am about to pour forth. My ways are being released. They flow down, drenching those who will embrace Me. They burst the bonds of those oppressed. I will rush upon those who invite Me into their inner rooms. I will bring cleansing and a new refreshing. My ways thunder from the highest heaven; the enemy can not withstand My surge. I am the creator-God. Those who have will be given more. Those who know Me will express My creative nature in new and unexpected ways. They will learn to see with the new spiritual eyes. I am the God who knows His children. Each one is blessed and uniquely embedded with My attributes. They are like their Father; you are Mine. The enemy holds no power over you. Rest in Me. Cease striving for My approval. You can not achieve what is already yours. Walk with Me and I will guide you. My ways are being poured forth. Do not hesitate to step into My rain.

This word is submitted by Steve Bliss

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