lördag 15 december 2007

Let Me Be The Judge

Let Me Be The Judge

Are you walking through situations that you feel don't measure up to be of My truth and victory? If so, then I want you to test the fruit of your heart at this time. Are you doing all that you can do to stand faithful and true? I am the one that is to judge, not you. I am the one that can truly see your heart and the efforts that you took to be able to overcome. I am the one that allows the severity of the trial so that I can purge and test you whether you will walk with Me or not.

You feel that you aren't measuring up to My standards, but you aren't the one to judge this. Your place is to do your best to draw close to Me in spite of all that is coming against you. Yes, your place is to draw close to My side and trust Me.
Do not measure your progress by what others are doing in their walk. Don't even measure your progress by what My word says, because you can misplace the value of My word to fit your standards and not Mine. Be careful to not misinterpret My word to meet your needs and not Mine.

Many have used My words to tear down their lives by presuming that I told them to do a certain thing. They stood by this presumption through thick and thin, and it only brought them destruction. Don't line up the value of your life by methods oflegalisticinterpretation of My word.

Seek My face and not My hand. Seek My heart and not My rod of correction;You are not the one to judge; for I am. You are to watch Me by My example of faithfulness to keep you strong and not wavering in the face of the wind and the waves. You might think they are there to wipe you away, but they are My tools to strengthen you. Do not walk by what you feel or see but by My faith that causes you to stand.

Yes, this is the day to truly get your eyes off of your circumstances and how you are measuring up to your own standards and on to My love for you. This is the day I want you to return to Me, and rest in Me, and know that all things work together for your good. You are one of the "called-out ones;" you are one of My special jewels, the apple of My eye. I see you perfect in My Father's heart. He sees you through the Son, cleansed through the power of His blood.

So, you see you can do no wrong if your heart is right before Me. Yes, I look to the heart. I see deep past the outward flaws of the character. I see past the flesh to the spirit which is right before Me. I have made you righteous. I have made you pure. Yes, My child, you truly are Mine!

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