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"The appointed hour has come for many, and there is no greater testimony against our enemy than the revealing of the will of God brought into our lives in visual form."
In the last few months, there has been an incredibly invasive attack by satan against certain believers. It's been an emotional torture chamber of negative thoughts, feelings and circumstances and unusually heart-wrenching sadness and depression. Satan's goal is to cause you to lose heart, to give up, and to look at your age, health, circumstances, financial troubles and whatever else he has thrown your way with the hope that you'll finally give in and say as Job's wife encouraged him to do, "Curse God and die!" (Job 2:9). The whisperings of darkness have become so loud that at times you wonder if you'll ever be free from his negative oppression.

Satan is not interested in discouraging the fainthearted or unbelieving. His primary focus is on those who, for years, have believed and walked towards a specific goal in their lives--something so intensely "Kingdom of God" that it's governed every action, decision, moment and thought. You've thought at times that you haven't been able to live because you're so consumed for this thing God has spoken; and He has not just spoken to you about it, but He has made it a part of who you are. You feel that if this vision dies, there's no place for you anymore because you can't separate your own soul from what you have inside of your spirit.
An expectation of the end result of your faith has moved you from desire to spiritual compelling. It's a dynamic of Christianity that the world has never seen--the manifestation of the best wine saved for the last.

This dynamic expectation has satan trembling in fear for its manifestation. One of the greatest defeats of our enemy is to see the wombs of God's children bring forth what was sown into them.
The appointed hour has come for many, and there is no greater testimony against our enemy than the revealing of the will of God brought into our lives in visual form. We've longed and waited for it to be manifested in this earthly sphere. Many of us have carried these visions deep within our own spirit. We've groaned and cried out to God in travail until we feel physically damaged by the intensity of the burden with no acceptable remedy for the pain, except that we see with our own eyes--the labors of our soul.

So many of God's people have been in that chamber of God and have heard those inexpressible things that many people couldn't begin to imagine and we've brought them back into this earthly realm to guard and to watch over. It's the very seed of God's desire planted in the fertile ground of our hearts. We've been waiting, waiting, waiting with seemingly no sight of seeing what was sown--be made living.

The set time has come and many will begin to see the sprouting heads of what was sown in your hearts appear almost overnight, and by that, your hope will be restored once again, and you'll see that all the love and passion you have has not been in vain. And with the revealing of the first sign of life to your vision, your faith will soar and bring life back to your physical, financial and emotional life, along with every other area that satan targeted in your life with his hope of destroying that precious seed God entrusted you with.

I was recently in a prayer meeting and the Spirit of God came in an incredible way. He said to encourage His people, and to tell them that there's a wave of His Glory about to hit the earth. I encourage you to hold on. Some of you have been laboring for years, even to your own hurt. You've left your own desires to pursue a higher call and have suffered incredible opposition, but still had something inside of you that couldn't let go.

The set time has come and the Lord is coming to bring forth in the earth the things that have been hidden in the hearts of His worshippers. Be encouraged and don't lose heart--you will reap if you don't lose heart. He loves us even when satan said that He didn't. Even as the Word encourages us to consider both the suffering of Job and the end intended by the Lord, there must be a bringing forth of what was sown. The set time has come.

Pamela Beller

Edge of The Blade Discipleship Ministry
Email: Latterrain777@msn.com

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