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Den nuvarande ekonomiska situationen

Den nuvarande ekonomiska situationen

By Les D. Crause
A Prophetic Exhortation
November 2- 2008

I asked the Lord for direction concerning the current economic and financial situation, and He gave me the following Prophetic Word:

"I make this available to the Body of Christ for your edification and encouragement
Lord I need your direction right now. I need a word for your people, and for myself concerning the future. Please show me what the future holds and what advice I can give to those who are battling financially at this time.

The future does indeed look bleak from the world's point of view. But when you see things from my point of view they look very different. For I see the end from the beginning. And I am not subject to the failures of man. I created this world without help from man, and I will continue to create as you will let me flow through you.

The enemy is seeking to destroy lives by manipulating and controlling those in leadership. His weapon is always fear, and this is the weapon he is using very effectively right now to discourage all men and to take away their faith, hope and love. But you must promote faith, hope and love and cause my people to rise up and overcome.

For the hope of the world is not the politicians or those in leadership, but the hope of the world is in the Church, the Body of Christ. And while the Church sits back hoping for help from the world, and is prepared to accept the solutions that the world has to offer, the enemy will remain in control, and will steer this world in the direction that he desires.

Therefore it is time My people arise says the Lord, and shake off their lethargy and fear and become the Kings and Priests that I have called them to be. It is time that my people take the power and authority that I have given them and speak to the mountain and command it to be cast into the sea.

Tell my people to speak my Word into the earth and bring change. Tell my prophets to stand on the walls and speak forth decree into the earth to bring change. Tell my apostles to take their stand and lead my people into the Promised Land of blessing. For I desire to bless them abundantly beyond anything that they can imagine.

Speak to my people and comfort them says the Lord, and tell them that I stand ready to act on their behalf. But I will never impose myself on them, yet I will never withhold anything from them. You have not because you ask not, and you receive not because you have been happy to believe the lies of the enemy and accept the lack that he has designed for you.

But I have no lack says the Lord. And I did not call you to lack, but I called you to abundance. I desire to not only provide your needs, but I want to lift you up high above the world. I want you to stand tall as my children and be a light to this world. I want you to be a shelter of safety to others. But how can you do this while you grovel to the world, and look in the eyes of the ungodly to meet your needs?
Look to me alone, for I alone am the source of both your needs and your desires.

Look to me alone, and expect me to work on your behalf. Keep your eyes fixed on me and do exactly as I tell you, and you will prosper in everything that you do. Whatever you touch will prosper, and you will receive the rewards of your labors. For it is I who shows your hands how to fight and how to work. In me alone will you succeed in all things.

And in the midst of chaos and confusion, I will cause you to arise with my wisdom within you, and my power upon you. And as you make your plans, and put them into motion; as you speak forth my words into the earth, so shall I begin to move mightly on your behalf and on behalf of those over whom you speak my words says the Lord. And where there was no way I will make a way. Where there was desert I shall make a garden. Where there was lack I shall create abundance. Where there was fear I will bring love.

Tell my people that it is time to arise. The wisdom of this world will fail. The brilliant ideas of the politicians and leaders of this world will come to naught. For they have left Me out of the picture. Therefore do not place your hope in these false foundations. For they will crumble and disintegrate.
It is time for My people to rise up and show the world that they belong to me. It is time for the Church to rise up and begin to take her place in glory. No more will you be trodden under foot. No more will you look to the world for your provision.

But I will turn the tables around says the Lord. And I will cause my church to rise up and become a city on a hill. I will cause my people to become the problem solvers, who will show the way out of the dilemnas that man has created.
For they have failed because they refused to do things my way. They have failed because they followed the greediness of their own hearts instead of following my laws and my ways. And now they have together fallen in the pit, and they cannot pull themselves out of it.

But you are not in the pit says the Lord. For you are my child and you will rule and reign in life through the One who died for you. You will rise up and conquer and overcome. And you will do this by my power and by my wisdom.
Therefore be not discouraged my children, but lift your heads up high. For I am about to move in and through you in ways you have not seen before. And I am about to lift up my Church in a way that you have never seen nor heard before. I am about to make my bride glorious before I return. And she will be the head and not the tail. Above only and not beneath.

Open your eyes and look to me, for your redemption is drawing near, and I will deliver you and lift you up. And I will grant your desires beyond anything you could ever imagine says the Lord. And as you see me move in your circumstances, and bring to you the wealth that I desire you to have, then you will know that this was of Me and not of man. You will know that this came about because of My Wisdom and not the wisdom of man. And you will see and rejoice, and you will become bold in me, and be ready to challenge the systems of this world in My Name.

Rejoice says the Lord. For though darkness has come upon the earth, and deep darkness covers the nations, I am arising now in light and glory. And I will arise in the midst of my people. So open your hearts to what I have to say. And heed the voice of my true prophets and apostles instead of the voice of those who belong to the enemy. For I will send forth my voice into the earth, and as my power is sent forth, so I will begin to work as never before.
Until the kingdoms of this world become mine once again, and the enemy is vanquished forever.


Les D Crause

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