söndag 15 februari 2009

Du är min krigare

You are my warrior

This is a time when I will pour My Spirit upon all men. I am preparing you for war, so take up the keys that I have given you and use them. Your battle continues to rage because you have allowed it to. You have not used the keys I have given you. I have given you many keys, for I want you to fight your battles. You have continuously cried out to Me to fix your problems, but I desire that you fight and war with the weapons of warfare that I have already given to you. I have equipped you with all you need to go to war.

Be mindful, for the main war is already won but the battle still rages. And you, brave one, must continue to battle. I have sent warring angels on your side to protect you. Don't walk around as a weary soldier who lives in defeat because I have made you victorious through Me. Remember you are more than a conqueror.

I have not sent you out just to be defeated. You have dominion over this kingdom, so rule it as it is yours. Take charge over the principalities and the darkness in the air. If you don't take charge over them, then you have allowed them to take charge over you. You are from the royal priesthood, bought by the blood of My Son, so use the power that runs through your family' bloodline to scatter the enemies. They know who you are, and they know Who lives in you. Let Me arise in you and let all the enemies be scattered.

Go now brave one, and take back what has been stolen from you.

This word is submitted by Wendy Logan logan2220@bellsouth.net

Källa: http://www.godspeak.net/prophetic_word/3-22-06.html

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