fredag 20 februari 2009

Från kunskap till erfarenhet

From Knowledge To Experience
Cheryl Johnson

Feb 18-2009

As I was listening, I heard the Father speak. His tone was gentle and kind and as He spoke I had a keen sense of being in the presence of Wisdom. I had never thought of wisdom as tangible and alive before, but as I experienced this, in awe I realized that indeed God is Life and everything in Him and about Him is alive and yes, wisdom is referred to as a person in Proverbs.

The word I received:

"My children, as I ask you to spread the Gospel, it is not your knowledge of Me that I ask you to share and impart, it is your relationship with me that I ask you to spread. This is not something that you can do, it is something that you are. You see My children, you cannot give out what you do not have. You cannot be what you are not. If your doctrine does not match your experience—there is only so far that you can you go with that. You see that don’t you? What you believe in your mind about Me only dresses you up on the outside—it has no power to transform you from the inside.

Jesus lived a holy life filled with power to overcome sin and do great miracles. He did this as man in right relationship with Me—not based upon His carnal understanding of Me—but based upon His spirit’s ability to hear my voice and follow My instruction. The desire of His heart was to see through My eyes and reason through My understanding.

I granted the desire of His heart. Jesus lived by the Spirit, a life of adoration, prayer and power, empowered by Me to understand My word, empowered by Me to overcome sin, empowered by Me to do My will. Do you know what that empowerment was?—Our relationship! And by His death and because of our Love for you, He made it possible for you and Me to connect without the veil, in the exact same way. You have a new covenant with Me. It is My Spirit in you that does the work. Only My Spirit takes doctrine and makes it alive and real on the inside of you.

Each one of you has a lamp. I gave it to you when you first came to Me. The oil in your lamp only comes through relationship with Me, spirit to Spirit. You need My oil in your lamp. This oil is revelation of My word that comes from relationship, and to the extent that you do not have it, you walk in what is dead. The nature of this time ahead of you will prove this. There is before you both Life and death, choose Life. I give you an invitation…an invitation to know Me by My Spirit and not by your intellect, reasoning and emotions. Your intelligent mind and emotional soul are valuable and important but they are not a master, they are a servant to your spirit and when your spirit is led by My Spirit and your mind and emotions follow the leading of your spirit—that is when you are in the Kingdom.

I am pouring out My Spirit on all. This year I give you My oil that enables you to lean on Me, every moment of your day, to see what I am seeing, to do what I am doing, to hear what I am saying. You receive this as you trust Me like a child. You receive this as you depend upon Me as a child.

So, will you take this oil? Will you die to your independence and lean on Me? Die to your fears of trusting in what you do not see (understand), because that is the nature of faith, trusting in what you do not see (with your physical capabilities, and yet what you do see with your spirit’s capabilities) Heb 11:1. I am Spirit My children, not flesh. I do not reveal Myself to your mind and emotions, I reveal Myself to your spirit alone.

For too long you have lived independently. Your confidence in your intellect and emotions and your need to be in control keeps you away from true faith in Me. Your world teaches you that if you depend on what you cannot see, feel, touch or logically and reasonably comprehend, you are wrong. Such independence from My Spirit can seep into your personality even as a child and weave itself into your nature so well that you don’t even know it’s there. On the flip side, while your world teaches you to be independent from My Spirit, it also teaches you to depend on what is false. You look for various strong structures and ideas, yes, even your learned ideas of Me and My word, and you lean upon that, believing that it will hold you up and it becomes your security. The sense of security you have here is false however, and fear, unbelief, doubt, manipulation, control, insecurity, jealousy, competition, division and various lusts of the flesh enter your life. All this brings death to you. I am the one who has given you an intellect (mind) and emotions (soul) but they are made so you can effectively understand, experience and share what your spirit man knows and receives from Me, not the other way around.

Your independence My child is not a place of security, your dependence on man or man made ideas and structures in place of Me is not a place of security. I did not create you to be independent from Me. I created you for relationship, relationship with Me—spirit to Spirit.

Do not weigh Me by your experiences of the world around you. You do not relate with Me through what you have with man—no. You relate with man through what you have with Me.

I am the Love that conquers all. I am the Father who can give you rest from that lonely place of independence where fear, pain and the need to be in control rob you each day. So look out before you, see through the eyes of your spirit, the green pastures I have laid out for us to walk on together. Yes, it looks like walking on water to your physical eyes, because you know what I am asking, I am asking you to die to your independence in every area of your life, and so yes, this is an invitation to walk on water with Me, but My child… the truth is, there is nothing more unshakable than walking on this water with Me. And if you desire, I will open your spiritual eyes to see this, and grant you the Grace to step out with Me. I will hold your hand and you will walk with Me into the freedom you seek and need and deserve, because you are My child. Walk with Me in the Kingdom. "

Cheryl Johnson


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