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Öppna dörren åt rätt håll!

Jade Gillies är en kvinna som inte har någon koppling till Sverige, men Herren har gett henne sin kärlek till vårt land. Hon tog emot detta tilltal i två delar för knappt ett år sedan. Nu är det tid att publicera detta. Läs de bibelverser som nämns på svenska och låt dem tala till dig och var med och be över innehållet i budskapet.
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Herren välsigne dig!

Sweden, March 2008.

Part One.

God gave me a picture of two people facing each other. They put their index fingers together, so that these two people were now touching each other through a finger. Blue and white electricity then ran through each person. Electricity flowed from one person into the other and visa versa. It was like both these people had a real passion for God and when their passion met, it caused electricity. I then saw that these two people were at the front of a big room and they were actually at the middle of a long row of people. Each person’s index finger touched the person’s finger on either side of them in the line and electricity shot down the whole row of people. I then saw that the whole room was actually full of people.

The electricity kept flowing through the first row and also then shot through a line of people at the side of the room and then it flowed down a row of people at the very back of the room and then the electricity shot down a line of people on the other side of the room. There was now a square of electricity flowing through people around the outer edge of the room. The electricity then shot through the second row of people at the front of the room. The electricity kept whizzing around the room in the shape of a continuous square until everyone in the whole room was connected and filled with electricity.

The picture was then a room full of blue and white electric lines. God brought in to one room an army of His people and each person’s passion for God impacted on the others and doubled everyone’s passion and courage for Him. This gathering was so powerful that it turns a room of God’s chosen people into an army of electricity and power.

The picture then changed to a green piece of land, which looked like a large scale map of a country with very little detail on it. The land was covered in little white dots of light.

The picture then suddenly changed again. I saw a person at the beginning of an alleyway. The alley was very dark, filthy, damp, dead, desolate and closed in. It was horrible. The person then put their hand on the left hand wall, which was next to where they were standing. Their handprint was a white powder and looked vibrant, powerful, pure and hot against the dirty, black wall. The contrast was amazing.

God then came up behind the person and placed His hand on top of the person’s hand. God pushed the hand strongly and really hard into the wall, so that the handprint went in deeper and deeper. Suddenly, I could see through the wall. It was the outer wall of a block of flats. I could see no details, just black empty rooms. I could see right through the flat to the opposite outer wall. I could now see that there was a thick ray of white light coming out of the white handprint. The ray reached to the middle of the room. I then saw that on the other outer wall, directly opposite this white handprint was another white handprint with a light beam coming out of it. These two rays of light met and connected in the middle of the room. This connection caused a thick beam of strong light to run along the whole street; straight through the middle of the insides of every home in this row.

Part Two

I had a real sense that God has a massive passion for Sweden and the Swedish nation. I could feel His passion burning inside of me. It was so strong that I found myself becoming passionate about Sweden and I have absolutely no connections with the country or the people. His passion is so great that it is contagious.

The word, “birthed” kept coming to me and there was a strong sense that Sweden is a great nation and new things will be birthed there.

I asked God to show me what would be birthed in Sweden. He showed me several things. He led me to the beginning of verse 20 of Psalm 78:

“When He struck the rock, water gushed out,
and streams flowed abundantly”.

The rest of this Psalm is completely irrelevant for this situation. God wasn’t there and didn’t speak through any other verses, but He clearly showed me these two lines.

God then led me to Psalm 45 vs. 2 – 5:

“You are the most excellent of men
and your lips have been anointed with
since God has blessed you forever.
Gird your sword upon your side, O mighty
Clothe yourself with splendour and majesty.
In your majesty ride forth victoriously
in behalf of truth, humility and
let your right hand display awesome deeds.
Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of The King’s enemies;
let the nations fall beneath your feet.”

I felt myself uncontrollably underlining the last line, “let the nations fall beneath your feet”. I felt that God was saying this will happen to Sweden. People have been anointed by God to bring people to Him. All the evil will succumb and the nation will bow before God, because of the impact that His people have.

God gave me the word, “gate”. I then saw a picture of a big brown wooden gate. I was looking at the gate side on, so I could see what was happening on either side of the gate. A person came and pushed the gate, trying to open it. He couldn’t because there was a strong invisible force on the other side of the gate pushing against him. The person called for back up and lots of people came to the gate. They all pushed the gate, but it wouldn’t budge, because there was now two hands pushing the gate towards them. The hands were God’s hands.

Suddenly, the people realised that the gate opened in the other direction and they all stood back. God’s hands pushed the gate towards them. His hands pushed the gate wide open and hooked it back, so that it wouldn’t close. People were then able to and did flood through the gate.
I felt I should reach for my Bible. I opened it and was magnetically drawn to Matthew 8 vs. 28 – 34: The healing of two demon-possessed men.

I thought this was completely bizarre and I didn’t understand why God wanted me to see this. I kept being drawn to it and nothing else on the page. I knew this was what God wanted me to see and I kept reading the story. I then read the final sentence of the story again: “And when they saw him (Jesus), they pleaded with him to leave their region.” God suddenly revealed to me why this story was significant. What Jesus did in this story was good and right. The people, however, didn’t like how He chose to resolve the situation, because a heard of pigs – someone’s livelihood – was destroyed. They therefore wanted Him gone. You have to be prepared to let God open the gate in the way He wants to and in the direction He desires. Let God do what He wishes and there will be success. The gate will be opened wide and people will flood through it.

Jade Gillies, Oxon, UK

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dvsdoug sa...

It wasn't only someone's livelihood that was destroyed. What Jesus did was an act of spiritual warfare. Nearby was a temple of zeus. The pigs were used in their sacrifice to zeus. He took away the offerings to their false gods.

barnabas sa...

Interesting, where (in the Bible) did you get that information from?

dvsdoug sa...

Give me a call and I will tell you.