onsdag 8 april 2009

Sverige - Sök Mig! Jag finns!

Den här texten fick jag av en god vän som varit på Fjärilshuset den 6/4 och fotograferat och där han av en händelse i ett akvarium fick se en "svensk fisk"se bild.

"7/4 kom nedanstående profetia om ett skärp i blått och gult och att vår mantel ska bli omgjordad med blått och gult, dvs. de svenska färgerna. Den så kallade slumpen har tydligen bestämt sig för att fokusera på Sverige, eller är det inte slumpen?" skriver han.

Seek Me

Do not grow weary or confused. If you seek Me, you will find Me. I will demonstrate My power and righteousness through those who know Me. You will recognize them by the authority and abundance of My love. Continue to ask Me for wisdom, for you shall surely receive it. Spread My truth in love, for there are many who need Me. Remove the spiders from your life--do not ignore them, or they will multiply. Continue listening for Me, for I am communicating with My creation. Know My love, and draw near. Ask Me, so I might supply your needs. Nothing shall keep Me away from those I love. Knock down the lies and high places of My enemies. There rebuild My altars, for I am holy. I am placing a new mantle about your shoulders. It will conceal a sash of blue and gold. Remain covered in Me. Those that are actively seeking Me will find Me. I will be their great reward.

This word is submitted by Steven Bliss godsfire@woh.rr.com


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