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AUI´s profetiska möten i Sverige

School of the Spirit with short overview of AUI prophetic meetings and concerts in Sweden during May 2009.

(June 18, 2009)

The Spirit of God was seeking a venue for His prophetic word for individuals, families, and Sweden as a nation when he gave us dates and places to go to in Sweden about a year ago for concerts and meetings.

What was the message from the Spirit of God? The meetings (and the type of anointing) were mostly prophetic in nature, not evangelistic where the winning of the lost is the main focus and where big publicity and crowds are of the essence. Nor were the meetings of a teaching anointing when instruction and explanations are in the center.

Many seem to confuse these different anointings in Sweden, probably because of a lack of teaching on the subject. (Hosea 4:6)

The Spirit kept saying that the Church, not God, holds the keys to revival and to the future of Sweden (see prophetic dream about the Church in Gothenburg). The ball is not in God’s court but in the court of the Christians. God is waiting on the Church, not the other way around.

Christians, their families, and Churches need to forgive, unconditionally, those that have done them harm, and in some cases, great harm, in order to open up for a spirit of redemption, reconciliation, and unity, all of which precede revival. We must remember that with forgiving, also goes forgetting! (Prov. 10:12)

These are God s Words not mine. (See also Matthew 18:21-35)

Matthew 5:44 even tells us to love our enemies, bless those that curse us, do good to those who hate us, and pray for those who despitefully use and persecute us.

At our AUI meeting in Stockholm on May 23, my family, Consuelo, Michelle, Michael, and I, gave a concert together with an old friend and collegue, opera singer and opera stage director, Bjorn Sjogren.

Consuelo, my wife, sang an impromtu with Per-Erik Hallin at the piano, "Oh, The Blood of Jesus" by Andre Crouch. Eric and Anette Anders performed a beautiful song from the Welsh revival translated by Eric Anders. Also, during our dinner gathering after the concert/meeting, Gladys del Pilar and Annika Skoglund each sang together with Per-Erik Hallin with great inspiration.

Principal Bo Nyberg, who was knife-stabbed some 20 times and still forgave the stabber, confirmed this prophetic message about forgivness during this prophetic artists meeting at S:ta Peterskyrkan in Stockholm. Per-Erik Hallin prophetically composed a song in performance on the same subject at our concert at S:ta Clarakyrkan on Sunday the 24th of May.

My wife, Consuelo, and I also spoke prophetically and people were admonished by the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom to act on the Word of God in order to receive their healing, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

In each city where we had our concert/meetings, namely, Västerås, Stockholm, and Göteborg, many healings and deliverences took place. Several women who had been badly sexually abused and raped as during their childhood by close family members (fathers, brothers, and uncles), came forward during the meetings after having their names called out by the Spirit of God through words of knowledge, to publicly forgive their offenders. Others who had been falsely accused by friends and colleagues, and had lost both reputation and large sums of money, also received deliverance as they forgave, through faith, those that had done them great harm.

As I was speaking to some people after the meetings in both Västeras and Stockholm, I had visions related to the prophetic word of forgiveness and revival for Sweden.

During one conversation in Västeras, I saw three things that go together with revival:

1. Brokenness (förkrosselse).
2. Forgiveness (förlåtelse).
3. Persecution (förföljelse).

Speaking to some people over the dinner at our AUI meeting in Stockholm, I saw in a vision that when we as kings (Rev.1:6) extend mercy to those who have harmed us, then the King of kings also gives us mercy (unmerited favor).

Many also reported being healed physically by the power of God. For example, one woman who had suffered from tinnitus in the left ear for a long time was healed. She said that she had gone down into the church basement to check her hearing and found it to be completely healed. Another example, a man with both a short leg and back problems also received healing. In other cases, physical healings were related to forgiving others. Marriages were also being restored and healed by the power of God. Several visions of Jesus and angels seen by audience members were also reported. All the glory goes to Him!

This is a time for spiritual revival for Sweden, says the Lord! Believe it and receive it!

With Love,
Roger Wågsjö

(Video): Special Thanks.

(Video): Highlights of Music Performances: 1, 2, 3, 4

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