fredag 26 mars 2010

Bön för Europa

Europe: A call to pray 24-7 for six months

Ten years ago a continuous prayer movement exploded among young people, and spread like 'wildfire' across Europe through years of prayer, mission teams to dark places, and 'Boiler Rooms' of intense prayer and mission. This movement, 24-7prayer, is now calling on Christians globally to pray for Europe, the prodigal continent. "We believe God is raising up an army that will follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads us," says Pete Greig, one of the movement's leaders. "Dare we dream of fresh waves of mission and church planting into Europe? Dare we pray for the raising up of workers to establish 'colonies of heaven' in the darkest, unreached places? Dare we imagine an expression of church for every culture, tribe and tongue in Europe? Urgently and unashamedly we want to call people around the world to pray for the prodigal continent - we need your help!"

The prayer chain runs from Friday 26th March 2010 to Sunday 26th September 2010 and anyone, wherever in the world, can take part.

Source: Lyndall Bywater (c) JOEL NEWS, 2010 republication only with full creditline

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