lördag 3 april 2010

Res dig upp och inta din plats!

To all of you who want to follow Christ:

This is a time to stand, a time to take your position, time to submit to the will of God and rise up as one body, one church. God is reminding us that the time is short, the end is coming closer, He is coming to get His people.
The world has departed Him, but we have the truth in our hearts, we have been touched by His wounded hands, let us now shine like stars in the heavens.
I sense a wave of anointing power and truth is coming over His global church. Get ready for revival, for the unexpected. God is moving, the Spirit is seeking for children ready to go - are you ready?
The risen, living King, our God and our creator is calling out your name, be still and listen, ponder on His whisper:

“Rise my child, rise, let me see you become the one I choose you to be, rise and stand for my name, for my kingdom, for my return, rise my child, rise. For too long have you been down on the ground, for too long have you been suppressed by the circumstances in the world, for too long have you cried out. I have heard your words and I tell you, my name is I AM and I’m with you all the way”

Brothers and sisters, rise with me, where ever you are on this planet, close your eyes and see how we join hands all over the earth, and how Gods glory fills our hearts with a new song, a victory song to the risen King.

Lakis Vravossinos, Sweden

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