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Bibelställen till grund för bön

Bibelställen till grund för profetiska böner och löften om Israels frälsning

Källa: http://www.lightofzion.org/02inter.html
På denna sida kan du också hitta en böneguide för månadens alla dagar.

11:10-16 God will assemble and unify the outcasts of Israel
29:14, 17-24 Revival with signs and wonders, with many new believers
33:2-6, 17 Release of grace and power
35:1-10 Revival will come with power and miracles with grace for holiness
40:1-3 God will comfort, and use believers to comfort, Israel
42:10-17 Prayer for Yeshua to stir up His zeal as a man of war
43:1-7 Worldwide revival with protection from evil
44:1-5 Rivers of anointing will flow on the thirsty
45:17, 22-25 God will cause all to bow before Yeshua in Israel and the nations
49:6 Israel to be made a light to the nations
49:14-16 God will lift off the spirit of rejection from Israel
51:3-11 God's power will be demonstrated like in the days of Moses
56:6-8 God will build the house of prayer for Israel's full salvation
60:19 God will raise up and use Gentiles in the restoration Israel
61:1-11 God will heal and restore Israel, using Gentiles
62:1-7 God will raise up intercessors for Israel until Jerusalem is made glorious
62:12 God will make Israel a holy and desirable people
63:7-64:12 Isaiah's intercession for Israel's salvation
66:7-21 God will answer prayer for Israel's salvation

3:14-20 Return of the remnant and unity of Israel; shepherds after God's heart
16:14-21 Deliverance from the land of the North unto the release of the harvest
30:16-23 God will cleanse Israel from sin and send great blessing to them
31:1-14 God's power and mercy released to Israel
32:37-42 God's power and mercy will bring unity and goodness to Israel
33:6-26 Blessing and power will come when God restores His people
50:4-34 Israel will seek the Lord and experience His salvation

Lamentations (Jeremiah's prayer experience)
1:9,11, 16; 2:12-13, 18-20; 3:20-33; 51:1-22

11:17-20 God will regather Israel to redeem them
16:60-63 God will restore Israel and remove her shame forever
20:33-44 God will purge and cleanse Israel
34:11-31 God will fully restore Israel
36:22-38 God will fully save Israel
37:1-28 God's covenant and blessing manifested in unity and power

2:14-23; 3:5 God will fully restore Israel
5:15-6:3,11 God will release His full grace to Israel
14:1-8 God will freely heal and restore Israel

2:28-32 God will pour out His Spirit
3:17-20 Israel will be holy and established by God

8:2-8 God will be zealous to restore Israel
12:10-13:6 God will save and cleanse Israel

2:6-9, 21-22 God will make Israel glorious when He shakes the nations

3:8-20 God's glory will be restored to Israel

4:1-6 Yeshua will be exalted as He heals Israel and sends Elijah with power

4:27-31 Israel's salvation
30:1-10 Israel will return from captivity and experience salvation
33:26-29 God will deliver and save Israel

Psalms 37; 44; 45:3-5; 65; 67; 79; 80; 83; 85; 86; 90:13-17; 102:12-22; 110:1-5; 122:6-7; 126; 132:11

10:1 Paul's prayer for Israel to be saved
11:12-15 Prayer for the fullness of the Gentiles and of Israel
11:25-27 All Israel will be saved

Additional prayers for Israel's salvation and deliverance:
Isaiah 63:15-64; Daniel 9:4-19; Micah 7:7-20; Habakkuk 3:2-19; Ezra 9:5-15; Nehemiah 1:4-11, 9:5-38

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